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Re-Discovering our Creativity

This week and last, creativity has flourished in our home.  We have set up two centres, art and craft.  As we have not focused on the creative arts for a long time we are rather excited that the centres have been greeted with so much enthusiasm.

The craft centre has all craft materials at hand, stored in shelving under the long bench-top, with a hot glue gun ready.  Every day the children have been constantly and independently creating:)

The art centre receives more direction. Each day I facilitate a different focus laying out supplies of the better quality materials with a stack of blank paper. One day the focus was soft pastels, the next two days were oil pastels, the next, quality pencils and paper, another advanced colouring books.  These centres have been so popular that we have also set up a sewing centre, complete with machine and fabric scraps.

An increase in ‘rabbit trails’ has also blossomed. With the aid of an origami book, one whole day was devoted to creating boxes, huge, medium and tiny ones just big enough to sit on fingertips.  Everyone has been so busy creating that  academics are not the main focus at present.  Interestingly though, as the level of creativity has increased, the depth and real connections in academics has increased.
Such an exciting time we are having here:)

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