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The Roofing Iron Goes On

Progress has slowed way down; by Thursday last week PC was ‘knackered,’ he went back to work for a rest. (He works for council;)

On the weekend we finally managed to line the roof with sarking.

Having a hip roof has slowed progress down dramatically as PC follows the truss plan. It’s a bit of a learning curve. We still haven’t finished.

We did however complete laying iron on one side of the house!!:)
(We’re praying we don’t have a storm before the weekend)

They (PC and my brother Dominic) also built the front porch on the weekend.
Dominic has now left:(:( and PC is continuing building valleys and the end trusses in the hope of a cleaner run on the weekend.

*Just wondering are we boring our readers yet? Are family and friends still with us??

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