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Scenic Tour – External of House

Two years and a half years ago we moved from a large house in town to our property. The purchase of land meant we had to downsize. The house is 9.5 meters by 8.88 meters, a BIG challenge to fit ten people into.

This photo was taken after lunch, see how there is still shade on the house? Our living area is at the front on the right. We long for the sun all morning, the house has been positioned incorrectly.

Along this side are the three bedrooms, the four oldest boys share the front room, (no side window) the three girls share the middle, theirs is the first window, (along with four bookcases) and we have the back bedroom with Jem.

We use every available space; and with the aid of our shipping container we fit in. It does mean we have to do some serious detachment at times.

The kitchen is the second window, and we’ve come around to the living area (lounge/dining/learning room) the far front window again.

The crazy part is the laundry and bathroom (in the middle) has the sunny view. And our room, which is the far left window.

I must confess this particular picture of the back of the house was taken some time ago, the garden obviously needs to returned to its former glory.

We are however about to embark on a new phase in our life and start extensions! We will be building ourselves so it will be a few years till complete but the finished house will be three times this size. Stay tuned for plans.

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  • ~ Judy ~

    What a cozy abode! That is quite an undertaking you and your family will be doing! I greatly admire those with such self-determination and motivation on household projects!
    I look forward to seeing your "progress" photos! How much land do you have there?

  • Jessica

    Your home is almost the same size (and shape) that ours was when we purchased it — although we added on when we were pregnant with #4. It is alot of work, but SO SO worth it in the end. Our house is double the size now, though we are hoping to add on to the other side since our living room and kitchen are so small. We do have lots of bedrooms and more bathrooms now though! =)

    I loved seeing the pictures and you are indeed blessed to have so much land!!!!

  • Erin


    How fascinating you have traveled the same road as us:) Living space is SO important. Still looking forward to hearing about where you have know set up your lessons.

  • jenmack

    Wow!!! Can I confess that I haven't been a very faithful reader of blogs lately? Anyway, I'm so glad you linked and mentioned you were doing this on 4Real. I thought *Extensions* were things you wove into your hair or an extra room on the house. LOL – no doubt a cultural thing! I had no idea you guys are building your own home!!! I'm following with much interest now!!!

    This is something we may need to consider seriously in the next few years in moving out to my in laws to help them and be closer. We're considering pre-fab. I'm so glad you're journaling/documenting this experience. Do you ever link to the floor plan you chose? I didn't see it on any of the posts.

    I've really enjoyed seeing the progress, and your acreage is beautiful!

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