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Talking Highschool Mathematics

The Dilemma

At the beginning of the year when PC and I sat down and discussed where the childrens’ learning was going this year, what was working and what wasn’t; one of the conclusions was that they/I needed more help in the maths department.

PC is brilliant at maths and he and Koala love talking math, discussing the many different ways to come to a conclusion etc. However due to work commitments despite his best intentions she simply wasn’t receiving the regular help needed. As for her receiving my help well I simply find it too difficult to turn my head instantly from 5th grade to 9th grade amidst the general bedlam that can be present at times. I’m sure any homeschooling mum reading this knows exactly what I’m referring too.


Mathematics: The Solution

On the recommendation of our good friend Lynn we took a look at We trialled their free lessons, made a phone call to their VERY helpful creator Patrick and were sold. What impressed us? Well these factors played a part:

  • It was Australian, it was an effective, affordable and up-to-date computer-tutoring Maths software…And with a 100% ‘no-strings’ money-back guarantee!
  • It was a Maths tuition software based on all Australian state curricula from Year 7 to Year 12.
  • The high-quality, fully animated and narrated maths lessons.
  • There were over 15,000 exam-style maths questions which tested every aspect of the curriculum.
  • Program marks and records student’s answers.
  • The detailed reporting meant parents can review their child’s progress at any time.

Simply put, the lesson is introduced in an audio/visual manner via the computer. Then the children print out questions, and answer. They then enter their answers into the computer and their lesson is marked for them. They need a high percentage correct to be able to progress to the next lesson. The lesson is very well presented and clear.


Mathematics Result

Carpenter now enjoys maths!! Which is an amazing result and Koala is finding it helpful and able to progress much faster.

If you are interested, when you contact the company be sure to let Patrick know you are a homeschooler as he offers a substantial discount to homeschoolers. (He just hasn’t advertised that on his website yet.)


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