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This Week in Learning: August 29th, 2015

As the last fortnight drew to a close I realised with surprise that we have only three weeks of Term 3 left. It’s been a solid term of learning and we’re rather proud of how hard all the children have worked.

Speech Therapy
Yippee, we’ve graduated weekly lessons. Well we have a huge pile of homework but no regular lessons until next year.  Plan is: we were given three weeks of homework, we do it and return to show progress. Mmm already missed first week of homework, time to ‘crack the books.’



  • Maths Online –  The older children and Jack Jack are working steadily and making solid progress. Jelly Bean has plateaued and is needing encouraging. Jem needs assistance with reading questions and I admit I struggle in this area to find the time, so maths for these two is a little patchy at present.




Michelangelo still enjoying reading and pondering Critical Thinking

Princess continues to apply herself to her Spanish studies several times a week with keenness.


Completed cursive letters with the older children, and they are now ready to begin more challenging work however due to the age differences I’ll be expecting a higher amount of written work from some than others. Jem has nearly completed all of his printed letters, though I admit he is still not a fan of writing;)


  • Princess continuing with 20 words weekly from ‘Spelling for Secondary Students’ still spelling well.
  • Spelling Wisdom with our teens has not happened yet this I feel is vital for them. Resolving to amend this in the following fortnight!
  • JB and JJ have transitioned well to Spelling Wisdom for their dictation lessons, happy with their progress.
  • JB and JJ – continuing with comprehension passages and pronouns.
  • Teens – synonyms and vocabulary.
Composition/Creative Writing
  • JB and JJ have continued their weekly essays, at this stage my expectation is for a short essay but am slowly increasing the amount expected. They will always take the ‘short’ option in writing if allowed.
  • Michelangelo and Princess – a couple of lessons on Precis Writing. 
  • Princess wrote an essay using Story Starters.
By reading A Child’s Book of Verse daily to the younger children this term we’ve read nearly the entire collection!
Princess and Michelangelo reading daily from Four Corners, a mix of Australian and English poetry.


  • Jelly Bean is reading so often for her various subjects, it’s such a relief to no longer have reading on her list of ‘to dos’
  • Jack Jack however lacks motivation and application. This is an area I need to insist on, he is so close to ‘taking off,’ but to ‘find the key’ we’ll keep trying.
  • Jem has been revising many of the cards from AAR 1, and can easily recognise 114 cards! So impressed and more importantly, he is too:)
Extra Curricula
  • Princess has three dance classes a week, including practice for their end of year concert.
  • Soccer games for Jelly Bean, Jack Jack and Jem drew to a close last weekend, end of season, yippee!!
Family Read Alouds
John of Sydney Cove – Doris Chadwick –  With JB and younger boys. Hooray we finished, what a fantastic book!! We have now begun its sequel John and Nanbaree
All The Green Year – Finished reading to our teens, we were sad to see the book draw to a close. We have now begun The Borrowed House – Hilda Van StockumScience Read Aloud
Under 11s
Egg to Chick – Millicent Selsam
Terry and the Caterpillars – Millicent SelsamGeography Picture Books
Along the Luangwa: A Story of an African Floodplain 4 Star
Paper Chase: A Chase around the World by Land, Air and Sea 3 Star

History Picture Books
The King and the Seed – Eric Maddern – Light read with a strong message
Over at the Castle – Boni Ashburn – Catchy rhyme for the very young
Good Knight, Sleep Tight – David Melling – Fun, nonsense read
Small Knight and George and the Royal Chocolate Cake – Ronda Armitage – Very light read


Michelangelo Read:
The Red Badge of Courage – Stephen Cranen – finished
Robinson Crusoe – Daniel Defoe
The Big Fisherman – Lloyd Douglas
The High Deeds of Finn Mac Cool – Rosemary Sutcliffe (finished)
Science Matters (a few chapters)
A Writer’s World: Travels 19-50-2000 by Jan Morris (a few chapters)
Beginning Apologetics Set (a few sections)Princess Read: 
Seven Little Australians – Ethel Turner
Crystal Snowstorm – Meriol Trevor
Calico Captive – Elizabeth George Speare (half)
Story of the World Vol 4  (a couple chapters)
Where is That in the Bible? – Patrick Madrid (a few chapters)Jelly Bean Read:
Uncle Arthur’s Bedtime Stories
Benny’s Animals and How He Put Them in Order  – Millicent Selsam
Slinky, Scaly Snakes
Tiger Tales – DK Reader (1/2 book)
Minstrel in the Tower
The Wright Brothers – Quentin Reynolds (half)Jack Jack Read:
26 Storey Treehouse – Andy Griffiths ( a few chapters)
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    • Erin

      Sacramental Graces are just truly amazing aren't they!:)
      Do remember this is 2 weeks worth, but yes we are hitting the books hard, the beginning of the year was rather light.

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