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This Week in Learning: March 20th, 2015

Maintaining a regular record of our learning continues to elude me.  Sharing the highlights of the past three weeks albeit a rather patchy recording:


  • Jem has powered through the first book of AAR Level 1, however I currently have him revising all the word cards he has covered thus far.  I tend to skip the revision but now can see how important regular revision is.
  • Whilst Jack Jack is faithfully reading Hey Jack and Zac Powers, he hasn’t get ‘exploded with enthusiasm’ and taken up reading on his own
  • When I noted to Jelly Bean she hadn’t been reading for a while she explained she had ‘nothing to read’, really in our house?! However a library visit rectified the problem and she came home with a bundle of books and has been enthusiastically reading since.
  • The older two children are always reading, though currently I would deem their reads more on the ‘fluff’ side.  It’s a stage I know but one I need to be certain they don’t visit for too long.

Audio Books

  • Audio books are all the rage at the moment, different listeners enjoying different sets; Winnie The Pooh, Famous Five, Deltora Quest and HIVE


  • Currently using lists with most of the children and very happy with where they are at. Showing excellent promise
  • Using AAS with Michelangelo and seeing results:)
  • Continue to see the advantages of dictation which I am undertaking with the two oldest children. Sometimes you can wonder, “Is dictation worth it?” Seeing the results of maintaining dictation for years I can only say a resounding, “Yes!”


  • Constantly trying to correct Jack Jack’s ds and bs, he avoids writing them correctly.  Jem informed me today that, “Mum everybody has different ways of writing!” Um no, no go. JJ does however have lovely handwriting as do all our middle and younger children. It was just our four oldest who struggle in this area, I often wonder why, was it them, was it me..??


  • A comprehension lesson with Jelly Bean on ‘Jason and the Golden Fleece’ sparked a rabbit trail. JB wanted to know if he did recapture his city and depose of his uncle, so off we went reading about Greek mythology. I just love those moments in education, they don’t happen often but when they do… this is what it’s all about:)
  • Really, really happy with the old school texts I’m using with JB and JJ. Such a wonderful mix of grammar and writing.  They are learning so much and finding the study of grammar and writing interesting.  Some days they combine together and use just on book, it’s not about finishing the book but about learning the subject matter.
  • Still struggling with my logistics in having a set lesson for writing with the older children, though have improved in some areas of logistics.



  • Steady progress, everyone humming along nicely.  Putting in the effort and understanding well.


  • Our local homeschool group is currently in the midst of a science workshop.  We have hired a highschool science tutor for the older children, he is covering mostly physics and chemistry with them.  The younger children are also concentrating on physics with a mix of theory and hands on activities run by the parents.
  • Princess continuing with her Extreme Weather studies
  • Michelangelo watching youtubes on Space and Nova
  • Younger children watching National Geographic DVDs


  •  Various mega maps and smaller maps being traced and locations are marked by each child. Some are working on Australia, another on North America and another on Ireland.
  • Splurged on A Child’s Introduction to the World: Geography, Cultures and People, happy thus far.  The ‘litmus test’ is always, ‘is there any misinformation about Australia?’ you’d be surprised at what misinformation Americans have about Australia, then maybe you wouldn’t’) All Aussie information is nearly accurate, only one mis-information, though as usual the book is American-centric with multiple pages on the USA in comparison to a double spread on other continents.


  • Reading John of the Sirius to the younger children, the fictional story of a marine’s son who came to Australia on the First Fleet. Totally based on real happenings and truly one of the most popular books in our library.  The children are begging me to “read more”! Love it, special memories:)
  • Princess is devoting hours and hours of research to World War 1, really digging deep. Part of the success is I prepared set answers for her to search for.
  • Michelangelo completed Song of the Scaffold and researching the French Revolution.  I’m needing to compile some research and essay questions for him too.  Years ago Anna Maria studied the FV so I’m just needing to polish up the questions I wrote back then.

Picture Books
Electrical Wizard How Nikola Tesla Lit Up the World – Elizabeth Rusch – Brilliant!!
Queeen Victoria’s Underpants – Jackie French & Bruce Whatley – Very interesting
Guess How Much I Love You – Sam McBratney – Sweet
The Chicken Thief- Beatrice Rodriguez – Well done, though it is a wordless book (which aren’t really my ‘thing’)
Puffling – Margaret Wild – Good
Clancy & Millie & the Very Fine House – Libby Gleeson – So so
Two Little Bugs – Mark & Rowan Sommerset – Lame
The Little Eskimo – Davide Cali – Odd
Rose Meets Mr Wintergarden – Bob Graham – Nothing exciting

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