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Treasure Hunting in the Bush

A few weeks ago Michelangelo created an elaborate treasure hunt for the younger children, drove the paddock basher down to the bush and hid the clues in various places over the property.


With 147 acres (59.5ha) this translates to a lot of land to cover with potential hiding spots. It took Michelangelo an entire morning to set up the hunt.



Making his task easier the children, in the tradition of Anne of Green Gables, have long designated names to various parts of the property; The Bendy Trees, Green Meadow, Wavey Rocks etc



On the second day they drove back out and completed the course, having a marvelous time.



They enjoyed re-visiting Wavey Rocks so much they headed back out for a picnic.



The bed of a dried up creek, the water has continuously deposited sediments creating a rippled effect


so that at first glance the rock looks like sand.


 Thanks to one big brother’s ingenuity the younger children had a fantastic day!
#Photography credits to Michelangelo

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