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Trusses Are On!

We are currently re-roofing our ‘old house’. Chronicling the days here for us to remember and for you, those keen to know the details.  Thus far in chronological order we have;

Beams In Place

Demolishing The Front Of The House

Walls Go Up, Roof Comes Down
Thursday & Friday
truss 1

As Thursday was forecasted to be yet another extremely hot 40C/104F+ day, 6am saw us all awake and beginning to lift the trusses onto the roof, this was a rather exciting moment in the building schedule, trusses have a strong visual impact.

truss 4

The race was on to complete before the weather became unbearably hot outside. As ‘many hands make light work,’ we managed to complete the task before sitting down to a late breakfast at 9am.

truss 2

Once carried down to the house the trusses were laid flat,

truss 5

then lifted onto the edge of the house and slid up.

truss 3

then PC and my brother D climbed onto the roof and pulled and ‘stacked’ the trusses, the girls and I appreciated having Michelangelo’s(16) strength with us as he pushed the trusses up to the waiting men.

truss 7

Always exciting when the trusses go up, you know you are much closer to the iron going on.

truss 8 Thursday evening saw all the trusses up.

truss 9

Friday, yet another intense day of heat, was spent complying with building code regulations and cyclone proofing the house. The installation of steel rods, tie downs and speed bracing took the entire day.

*To be continued..

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