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Up, Up and Away

Day 9 – Saturday 27th August

What an incredible sunrise to awake too!  Saturday Morning; my brothers, PC and our four eldest awoke in tents on a Cattle Station, an out of Mt Isa.

My brother Chris’ microlight is stored in his hanger at the Station (ranch).

Flying his microlight is one of Chris’ passions and he undertook a huge effort to own one.  To obtain his flying license he travelled thousands of kilometres to the nearest flying school and totalled many flight hours.

Before taking his guests up, Chris took the microlight for a solo test run.

Microlights might look fragile but they are incredibly strong.  Australian microlights have an excellent reputation on the world markets for quality and safety.

This runway just makes me chuckle, seriously?
Talking Outback runways, the story of one man’s solo trip in his microlight, from Newcastle (NSW) to Arnhem Land(NT), a journey of 4200km (2609miles) is fascinating.

Meanwhile the excitement builds as the passengers await.

Carpenter is eager to go:)

Up, up and away.

Then it was Anna Maria’s turn, she needed  a little help from her uncle.

Michelangelo was very excited to go up.

Such an Einstein moment:)
“That was totally wicked!”

Finally it was PC’s turn.


“We love you dad.”

The microlights can reach incredible heights.

Looking down on the Station, following along the River.  Stations in Outback Australia are huge, and can be thousands of square kilometres in area.

The Homestead consists of the main house and other outbuildings. Often quarters for the station hands as well as sheds.

Many stock yards in North West Queensland are absolutely huge. Most Stations in the area run Braham cattle and the musters (yarding of cattle) are enormous.
Stations in the Gulf Country not only run cattle, but have to deal with native and feral animals. Kangaroos are native, but running feral are goats, pigs and camels too.

They took a run towards Mt Isa, sighting Lake Moondarra in the distance.

Back down the runway.

They took a spin on the bike whilst the kite flights were taking place.

Always love spending time with Uncle Dominic.

The children absolutely LOVED this day, their most memorable and favourite day of the road trip.

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