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Voting Has Begun

Polls are open over at the Home School Blog Awards.

I wandered over for a browse, imagine my delight to find some of my very favourite bloggers represented.  But then I shouldn’t really have been surprised as they are awesome!

Not sure if I’m reading it totally correct but I believe I can only vote for five categories? Anyhow playing it safe. Head on over and check out all the amazing enteries.  Not all my favourite blogs made it to the HSBAs but I still think they are incredible just the same:)

Some categories with some familiar ‘faces’:

Best Homeschool Mom Blog wonderful thrill to find my dear friend Jen at Wildflowers and Marbles nominated!

Best Family Blog includes Like Mother, Like Daughter

Best Encourager Blog includes Starry Sky Ranch and Angie’s Many Little Blessings

Best Homeschool Method includes Harmony Art Mom , Simply Charlotte Mason , Jimmie’s Collage and Fisher Academy

Best Nature Blog so very happy to see Theresa from Lapaz Home Learning!

Best Curriculum Blog included Catholic Toolbox , Harmony Art Mom, Jimmie’s Collage, My Audio School, and Simply Charlotte Mason

Best Variety Blog delighted to see Sarah from Amongst Lovely Things:)

Best Super Blog included an Aussie blog Pumpkin Patch!

Best Nitty-Gritty Blog exactly perfectly placed, Angela from Three Plus Two!!!!

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  • Erin


    So thrilled to see you found my blog:) I'm really enjoying yours! The lists are long I agree.

    I was pleased to find you there:) Doesn't sound silly at all, most likely would be my reaction too.

    All the best ladies.

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