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Walking after the Rains

January 20th, 2007

nature11-house-front.jpgRecently we had several continuous days of rain, after a few days of the rain we had cabin fever. Despite the continuous drizzle we set out for a walk to see the extent of the rain water on the new property…

nature-1-bottom-dam.jpg‘Lilypad’ dam just below the house was overflowing. So full in fact that the fish were being poured out over the dam spill way and down the road… not good for the ruts in the road!

nature-9-road-overflow.jpgLater we had to come back and repair the road as the ruts were getting too deep and causing bad erosion.

nature-2-flowing-creek.jpgThe creeks were up and moving along at a fast pace.

nature-3-more-crrek.jpgDespite that we found a shallow place to cross.

nature-4-trail.jpgThe previous owner considerately made trails for us to walk along around the property … good enough for relative ease with the pram.

nature-7-middle-dam.jpgWe walked up to the ‘middle’ dam to see the effect of the rain waters there.

nature-8-dam-overflow.jpgIt also was full and overflowing. Princess loves it here when it is wet because the mud/sand is lovely and squishy. She calls it ’sinking sand’ and ‘bathes’ in it (hardly princess like!.

nature-10-house-back.jpgUp the hill again … no flooding water up here … ‘Back home again’.

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