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Walls Are Up!

fk wall 1

It is mid winter here, so having no external walls on our kitchen created a strong desire to build the framing and get those walls up ‘post haste’. To this end PC ‘burnt the candles at both ends’ last week, arriving home after work only to turn his hand to building. His ability to create and solve anything as always continues to impress me and I’m always grateful for his talents.

fk wall 2

When in the midst of a project and your framing gun finally ‘bites the dust’, this of course means you must buy a new one, reporting that PC is most happy with his new gun. (Old gun pictured)

fk wall a

The frames were both installed by Tuesday night with the help of ten pairs of eager hands, hence no installation photos as we were all too busy working. This was to be the state of progress until the weekend

fk wall 3

when we turned our attention to completely removing all weatherboards along the back wall. This would have to be the dodgiest wall by far that we’ve yet uncovered, see those studs just behind Michelangelo, really?!

fkwall 4

The window bracing was nailed on with assistance from the younger boys

fk wall 6

fk wall 5

and the windows installed. Once again no installation photos as I was too busy installing.

fk wall 7

Next task was nailing on the the sarking (insulation). Take note of the window here on the deck side, the window and the screen slides open, allowing us a servery window, think dining on the deck and parties 🙂

fk wall 8

Then time to nail on the weathertex, in which a few hands were needed to hold the boards steady whilst leveling and nailing.

fk wall 10

By Sunday evening we were pleased to have progressed to this point.

My project manager cap is now firmly on and all energies are now directed towards the kitchen’s internal tasks, juggling tradies and ‘to do’ lists so they all align neatly.


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    • Erin

      It did feel fast 🙂 Sadly we’re not yet wildlife proof, not until the ceilings go on and we’re waiting for the electrician before that step. That’s next week. PC is indeed an amazing man, so blessed and never take it for granted.

    • Erin

      You’re making me smile 🙂 We ‘rest’ during the week, usually 😉 Gear up for big projects on the weekends.

    • Erin

      Yep didn’t want to keep readers in suspense 😉 I’m project manager and oversider along with the rest of ‘The Team’ (child workforce). At times project managing, juggling all my hats is a challenge but I’m grateful for this opportunity of growth.

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