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Hi, I'm Erin

Book Curator, writer, speaker and homeschooling mum to ten plus two, aged thirty to ten years. I am passionate about empowering families. I want them to be confident in nurturing a love of literature within their homes. I am keen to equip you with confidence and knowledge.

Yes, I offer individual consultations to meet your personal needs. You may choose an individualised curriculum plan or personalised booklist. A chat to be confident that you’ve ‘got this’

"Erin’s literature knowledge is incredible, and she’s the first person I turn to with questions about books - she always has the perfect answer and saves me endless hours of research. She manages to make integrating books into learning easy and natural."
"Erin has been a huge blessing in our homeschool journey. I wanted to include more Australian living books into our curriculum but I just had no idea where to start. That’s when I found Erin’s help. She went above and beyond and created a comprehensive and tailored reading plan for my family. She chose living books that fit with what we were learning in our homeschool across the year and also made sure that they were the right fit for my children’s ages. She then sourced these incredible books at our local library where I then picked them up, making it a seamless process for us. Erin is extremely experienced and I would highly recommend her consultation to any family who would like a tailored reading plan just for your homeschool."
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