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Advent and Christmas

Jesse Tree in Picture Books

Advent/Christmas Chapter Books

Aussie Christmas Titles
Books for St Nicholas
Christmas with Golden Books & Joan Gale Thomas
Christmas Library Selection
Christmas Selections From Our Town Library
Destination Bethlehem
Family Christmas Favourites
Focus on the Nativity
More Nativity Peeks
Tomie de Paola’s Christmas Titles


Lent and Easter

35 Amazing Easter Books for Children and Teens
Lenten/Easter Books
Mega List of Lent/Easter Books
Our Growing Lenten/Easter Book Collection
Our New Easter Picture Books


Liturgical Year/Bible Picture Book

Catholic Picture Books – March

Catholic Picture Books – April
Mega List of Catholic Picture Books
Life of a Saint Series – Picture Books

13 Favourite Bible Picture Books

Which Noah’s Ark Book?

5 Board Books for Little Catholics


Sacramental Preparation

Confirmation Resources/Plans

Preparation for Confirmation
Preparation for First Confession
Preparation for First Holy Communion

Preparing Younger Children for Confirmation
Sacramental Preparation


Australian History & Nature

3 Indigenous Children’s Books for Anzac Day

7 Children’s Books About Australia’s Rum Rebellion

9 Children’s Books About Bass & Flinders

26 Australian Picture Books for Remembrance Day

58 Picture Books for Anzac Day

60 Children’s Chapter Books for Anzac Day

ABCs of Aboriginal Picture Book Authors

ANZAC Day in Books

Australian Pictorial Social Studies
Australian Picture Bird Books

Books for World War 1
‘Cream of the Crop’
Downunder Literature Review

Early Australia Arrival and Settlement: Our Sunburnt Country

European Discovery of Australia: Our Sunburnt Country

Land of the Dreamtime: Our Sunburnt Country

Leaping into Literature: Australian History

Our Favourite Australian Bird Books
‘Traveling’ to Australia’s ‘Top End’


Book Chat

Books Read Aloud: January ‘thru May, 2016

Books Read Aloud: June & July, 2016

Leaping into Literature: Diving Deep

Leaping into Literature: A Firm Tradtion, Our Fourth Year

Leaping into Literature: Our Final Week

Leaping into Literature: An Interrupted Week

Leaping into Literature: A Less Intense Week

Leaping into Literature: Third Time Round

Leaping into Literature: Excellent Finds

Leaping into Literature: A Tradition

Leaping into Literature: Australian History

Leaping into Literature: Back in Time

Leaping into Literature: Around the World
Leaping into Literature: Three Weeks In

Leaping into Literature: Reflections on Beginning

Leaping into Literature

This Week in Learning, Nov 21st, 2014
Year in Books: 2014 Highlights
Year in Books: 2013 Highlights



British Mystery Series – Roaring Twenties
Discovering Mystery Series
Restoration Novels – Christian Suspense
Rhys Bowen Mysteries
Thought Provoking Adult Novels
Two Best Sellers


Fiction – Catholic

7 Catholic Fiction Books for 7-12 Year Olds
Catholic Fiction for Young Adults
Finding Grace


Fiction – Children

Boys and Books
Fantasy Books for Boys


Fiction – Young Adult

Catholic Fiction for Young Adults
Finding Grace



Afghanistan – A True Story
Africa Book Finds
African Picture Books

Antarctica/Artic – Ponny the Penguin
Braving the Antartica/Artic Regions
Chinese Picture Books
Emperor – Great Wall of China
Geography for Highschool
Geography Songs Review
Migrant/Refugee Picture Books
Muslim Picture Books
Native Americans, Book Collection



Afghanistan – A True Story
American History – War of Independence to Civil War
Ancient Egypt

Britain – 12 Books to Experience Roman Britain

Chinese Picture Books
Emperor – Great Wall of China

Early Church/Roman History
European History 300-500AD
Fashion History
Migrant/Refugee Picture Books
Native Americans, Book Collection
World War 1 – Books
World War 2 – Persecution & Internment Camps



10 Homeschool Resources We Highly Recommend
Top ‘How To’ Homeschool Picks


Large Families

Families of Six Plus Children
Families of Five Children
Families of Four Children
Large Family Picture Books



Manners With Books



Living Maths – Multiplication Picture Books



Australian Picture Bird Books
Conception to Birth – Books
Nature Picture Books for Little Ones
Nature Picture Books for the 5 to 10s
Our Favourite Australian Bird Books

Ponny the Penguin



Rescue: Raising Teens in a Drowning Culture



Early Reader Series
Mercy Watson – Transition Readers

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