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Amon’s Adventureytreeide-arnoldadvent-adventuresholy-week8-18-yearsin-print
Animal's Easter, , rowlands-avrilmoran-rosslyneaster|holy-week|palm-sunday8-18-yearsout-of-print
Benjamin’s Box, carlson-melodystockman-jackgood-friday|holy-week4-12-yearsin-print
Easter Eggs for Anya, kroll-virginiacomport-sally-werneaster-egg|pysanky-eggs5-12-yearsout-of-print
Easter in the Garden, , kennedy-pamelawenzel-davideaster|easter-egg|resurrection5-10-yearsout-of-print
Easter Swallows, howie-vickigrudina-paola-bertolinieaster|holy-week3-7-yearsout-of-print
Family Easter Treasury, , , , , anthologyhague-michaelanthology|crucifixion|easter|easter-egg|holy-week|resurrection8-18-yearsout-of-print
Introduction to the Liturgical Yearbiffi-inosvignazia-francoliturgical-year8-18-yearsin-print
Little Colt's Palm Sunday, adams-michelle-medlockparmenter-waynedonkey|palm-sunday4-12-yearsout-of-print
On That Easter Morning, joslin-marycann-heleneaster|resurrection4-12-yearsout-of-print
Petook An Easter Story, houselander-caryllde-paola-tomieeaster|easter-egg4-12-yearsout-of-print
Rechenka’s Eggs, polacco-patriciapolacco-patriciaeaster-egg|pysanky-eggs5-12-yearsin-print
The Big Fisherman, douglas-lloyd-cst-peteradult|young-adultout-of-print
The Bronze Bowspeare-elizabeth-george10-18-yearsin-print
The Country Bunny and the Little Gold Shoesheyward-du-boseflack-marjorieeaster-egg4-12-yearsout-of-print
The Easter Book of Legends and Stories, , , , , hazeltine-alice-i|smith-elva-sophroniabianco-pamelacrucifixion|easter|easter-egg|holy-week|resurrection10-18-yearsout-of-print
The Easter Storyspirin-gennadyspirin-gennadyeaster6-18-yearsout-of-print
The Easter Storywildsmith-brianwildsmith-brianeaster6-8-yearsin-print
The Egg Tree, milhous-katherinemilhous-katherineeaster-egg|pysanky-eggs5-12-yearsin-print
The Legend of the Easter Eggwalburg-loribernardin-jameseaster-egg3-10-yearsout-of-print
The Legend of the Three Trees, , mccafferty-catherinetaylor-dahlcrucifixion-tree|holy-week|wood-of-the-cross4-12-yearsebook
The Little Rose of Sharon, gurley-nanjonke-timeaster|rose-of-sharon5-12-yearsout-of-print
The Proud Tree, , roche-luanesharp-chriscrucifixion-tree|holy-week|wood-of-the-cross5-12-yearsin-print
The Robe, , douglas-lloyd-ccrucifixion|holy-weekadult|young-adultout-of-print
The Silver Chalice, , costain-thomas-bholy-week|last-supperadult|young-adultout-of-print
The Spear, , de-wohl-louiscrucifixion|holy-weekadult|young-adultin-print
The Stone That Rolled Away, pelikan-judyeaster|holy-week10-18-yearsout-of-print
The Story of Easterjoslin-marymorris-jackieeaster4-12-years
The Story of the Cross: The Stations of the Cross for Childrenjoslin-marynewey-gailway-of-the-cross4-8-yearsout-of-print
The Tale of The Three Trees, hunt-angela-elwelljonke-timtrees|wood-of-the-cross4-12-years
The Thornbush, laughlin-michaelstergulz-richardcrown-of-thorns|holy-week5-12-yearsout-of-print
The Way of the Cross, , biffi-inosvignazia-francolent|liturgical-year|way-of-the-cross8-18-yearsout-of-print
Vinegar Boy, hawse-albertacrucifixion|holy-week8-18-yearsin-print


Amon’s Adventure – Arnold Ytreeide

Into the Sea, Out of the Tomb: Jonah and Jesus – Maura Roan McKeegan

Introduction to the Liturgical Year – Inos Biffi

The Big Fisherman – Lloyd C Douglas

The Bronze Bow – Elizabeth George Speare

The Robe – Lloyd C Douglas

The Silver Chalice – Thomas B Costain

The Spear – Louis de Wohl

The Way of the Cross – Inos Biffi

Vinegar Boy – Alberta Hawse


Stations of the Cross

Walking with Jesus to Calvary : Stations of the Cross for Children – Angela M Burrin

The Story of the Cross: The Stations of the Cross for Children – Mary Joslin


Palm Sunday

Humphrey’s First Palm Sunday – Carol Heyer

Little Colt: A story about Christmas and Easter and Donkeys – Chris Travis

Little Colt’s Palm Sunday – Michelle Medlock Adams

The Colt and The King – Marni McGee

The Donkey That No One Could Ride – Anthony DeStefano

The Donkey Who Carried a King – R C Sproul


Holy Week

Easter Swallows – Vickie Howie

Family Easter Treasury

Margaret’s First Holy Week – Jon M Sweeney

The Easter Book of Legends and Stories – Alice I Hazeltine

The Stone That Rolled Away – Judy Pelikan

The Thornbush – Michael Laughlin


Good Friday

Benjamin’s Box – Melody Carlson

The Legend of the Three Trees – Catherine McCafferty

The Proud Tree – Luane Roche

The Tale of The Three Trees – Angela Elwell Hunt


Simon of Cyrene

Simon and the Easter Miracle – Mary Joslin

Simon of Cyrene and the Legend of the Easter Egg – Terri Degazelle



Animal’s Easter – Avril Rowlands

Easter – Fiona French

He Is Risen: Rocks Tell The Story Of Easter – Patti Rokus

On That Easter Morning – Mary Joslin

On That Easter Morning – Elena Pasquali

Petook An Easter Story – Caryll Houselander

Story of Easter – Ruth Fischer

The Easter Cave – Carol Wedeven

The Easter Story – Gennady Spirin

The Easter Story – Brian Wildsmith

The Jesus Garden: An Easter Legend – Antoinette Bosco

The Little Rose of Sharon – Nan Gurley

The Story of Easter – Mary Joslin


Easter Eggs

Bird’s Gift: A Ukrainian Easter Story – Eric A Kimmel

Easter Eggs for Anya – Virginia Kroll

Easter in the Garden – Pamela Kennedy

Rechenka’s Eggs – Patricia Polacco

The Country Bunny and the Little Gold Shoes – Du Bose Heyward

The Egg Tree – Katherine Milhous

The Legend of the Easter Egg – Lori Walburg

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