Wattle Gum Curriculum: Sample

Sharing subject samples from our Curriculums: Foundation & Year 3

Welcome to Wattle Gum Curriculum, where we offer a Charlotte Mason inspired, Literature Based Education.

Nurturing your family within a Literature Based Education is possible whilst still following the Australian Curriculum (and State Curriculums).  Whilst Wattle Gum Curriculum is secular based, it lends itself to adding additional resources to reflect various worldviews.  If you would like help in this area I’m more than happy to assist. Whilst the books suggested are quality books, there are many other worthy ones, you will not ‘get it wrong’ by making substitutions. You may choose to substitute a book due to availability or for other personal reasons, choose what is best to serve your family.

If you do not read all these books suggested for this year, that is okay! If your child wishes to dig deeper, follow their lead. It’s the quality of learning not the volume of books that contributes to a good education. Make the curriculum fit you, not you to fit the curriculum, it’s a framework to assist the learning process.

Please do not hesitate to reach out and ask any questions you may have.

Enjoy your year, dig in and have fun!

Foundation: Science

In Foundation Year our Science focus is on;  Australian animals, birds, reptiles and insects: grouping them according to features, the factors and movement of objects, the makeup and properties of materials and people who have contributed to science.

Encourage your child’s questions and predictions, their observation and analytical skills. Important approaches in engaging your child’s interest in science.

Our Science curriculum, resource recommendations and implementation instructions are in the printable pdf below.

Year 3: History

In Year 3 the History focus is on: local communities and the contribution from people of diverse backgrounds, the importance of Country to First Nations People and Celebrations, Australian and Worldwide.

Encourage your child to ask questions about people and events. Nurture their interest in History.

Our History curriculum, resource recommendations and implementation instructions are in the printable pdf below. Further below is a spreadsheet comparing the codes and content of the Australian Curriculum and a couple of the states.

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