Wattle Gum Homeschool: Curriculums

Wattle Gum Homeschool: Curriculums

Many Australians seek reassurance that you can ‘marry’ our various state curriculums with a Literature Based approach. It is quite possible to meet state requirements without compromising on giving our children a rich education steeped in rich literature and various experiences.

Providing a rich learning environment will met the requirements of much of the KLAs.

Homeschooling isn’t as intimidating as one might expect, it’s providing an education for our children within the framework of our lifestyles.

Launching Curriculum Membership Offer!

As a gift to our readers we are opening our Curriculum Launch with an offer to the first 15 families to join.
Membership for only $100 for a Year!

Yearly Membership normally $150/year

Step 1: Payment

*If you don’t use paypal contact us for direct deposit details.

Step 2: Registration

After submitting payment, then fill in registration form. Once payment is cleared I’ll approve your registration.

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