Literature Based Unit: Captain Cook

When implementing this Literature Based Unit, we suggest reading at least a couple of the books recommended below.  Activities are optional, feel free to choose whichever activities best suit your family.

We have endeavoured to select books that are likely to be accessible via your local libraries and don’t forget inter-library loans, we don’t want you to go into debt. We are not recommending you read all of these books.


We estimate it will take 3-5 weeks to read through this LBU and enjoy the activities of your choice relevant to your child’s age.

We have suggested books for all age groups, we recommend that your child reads at least one chapter book or a couple of picture books dependent on age.

Create your own personalised list by opening your book choice and simply clicking the wishlist button to add to your list.


*Wattle Gum Education: Literature Based Units – Captain Cook pdf


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Themes to Cover

  • Nautical Terms; Longitude, Tides, Telescope.
  • Historical Names; Captain Cook, Endeavour.
  • Geography; Australian coastline.
  • Cultural Awareness; First Nations.


Teacher’s Notes


Online Resources


Geography Activity

‘Chart’ Cook’s three voyages in the Pacific. Use a different colour to represent each journey.


History Activity

Select a youtube on Captain Cook and watch


STEM Research & Activities

  • Look at longitude and tides what impact did this have on Cook’s journey

The Endeavour had scientists aboard including botanist Joseph Banks.

  • Who was Joseph Banks?
  • What was Captain Cook’s instructions regards the planetVenus?

Numerous plants were collected and animal observations were recorded throughout the Endeavour’s journey to Australia.

  • Research and write about the ‘new discoveries.’


Language Arts Activities

Write a journal as if you were a cabin boy on cook’s voyage, either the journey, along Australian coastline

Design a timeline of Cook’s life


Further Research Areas & Discussion Questions

Today there is much discussion about the colonisation by Europeans in a land that was already occupied by our first Nations and yet was decalred Terra Nautlis.

  • Read, reflect and, discuss your thoughts about this (older children)


Art/Craft Activities

Colour picture of Captain Cook (younger children)

Captain Cook used a Telescope


*Each unit is unique, this unit gives you a sample of what’s on offer

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