Wattle Gum Library

Sharing Our Family’s Library Collection

Wattle Gum Library, our home library, is open for sharing with you. Inviting book lovers and homeschool families. 

Over decades we have gathered our library collection. Quality living books, rare Australian titles. Children’s fiction and picture books, retro and modern books. Something for everyone.

Many of our books are hard to source in public libraries.

Bring excellent books into your home. Enrich your children’s lives and encourage life long learning. 

Our family hopes to share the joy we and our children have received over the years with your family.

Our Story

We have been surrounding our children with good books for decades!

Nurturing and educating our ten children via a Literature Based Education. Heavily influenced by the Charlotte Mason philosophy. 

Wattle Gum Library is on a rural property in the

Clarence Valley of NSW, Australia.

We operate via in person and postal patronage.



Our Lending Library of over 10 000 books

Membership Cost & Period

$50 for 12 Mths

Feel free to visit Wattle Gum Library in person before applying for membership

How to Become a Member

  1. Read and agree to our Borrowing & Book Care Terms & Conditions
  2. Click on the Wattle Gum Library Membership button OR pay in cash when visiting WG library
  3. WGL Membership button will then redirect you to an application form

Further Questions?


Opening Hours

Third Tuesday of the month, 10am – 2pm

You can preselect and place books on hold. I can deliver at homeschool events throughout the month.

Open other times by appointment.

Loan Period

Four Weeks for in house patrons.

Ten Weeks for postal patrons.

You can renew books if no one has made a reservation for that item.

Postal Patrons: Postage

You cover the postage costs both to your home and return.

Is there a Limit on the Amount of Books Borrowed?

No Limit

Can we borrow any books in your home?

You will have access to the majority of our 10 000 books.

A few of the out of print books do come with ‘stipulations.’

A few books are our children’s personal treasures that they wish to keep out of circulation.

Can My Children Visit Wattle Gum Library?

They are most welcome. Your children are your responsibility when on our property.

Book Care

  • You must return books in the condition in which they left.

  • Many of the books are highly valuable, and replacement is costly and difficult.

  • Significant damage incurs a repair or replacement fee.

  • If you do not find a book within three weeks of the due date, you will incur a replacement fee.

  • Teach your children how to care for books.  Don’t use books near liquid or food.

  • Keep the books out of reach of young children when not supervising.

Lending Libraries

Why join a private library?

Access to books not found in the public library. Quality and out of print books.

Save on purchasing costly books yourself.

Why not use the public library?

You can and should. Many families though, are seeking books that are no longer on their local library shelves.

NSW Libraries’ policy is to keep books published only in the last ten years. Many of our books are library discards.

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