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Yoghurt in the Slow Cooker

We purchased yoghurt for a Christmas treat and then craved more.  At $5 a litre the cost was astronomical, so I began investigating how to make our own.  Using these recipes and tips we made a batch up, cost only $3 for 2 litres!  Using a slow cooker is so simple, just three basic steps.

  • Pour 2 litres(.52gal) of milk into slow cooker. Cook on high until temperature reaches 180F.  Takes about 2.5 hrs. (You will need a milk thermometer.)
  • Take off lid and cool until temperature drops to 115F.
  • Add one cup of yoghurt (containing live cultures) and half a cup of powdered milk. (Too runny otherwise).  Place lid back on and towel over the pot, works best to store in cold oven for 10-12hrs.

After our success with cows milk we used the same method to make goats milk yoghurt. All was fine.

We then branched into making frozen yoghurt.

  • For every litre of milk add half a cup of sugar and store in the fridge for 2 hours.  
  • Then add to your frozen yoghurt machine, run the machine for 20 minutes and then freeze.

Having made cow and goats milk yoghurt I discovered a recipe for coconut milk yoghurt which I may yet try.  If you are keen to make soy yoghurt I also found a couple of recipes, although some sites suggested the above process was successful.

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  • Sarah

    My husband eats a lot of yogurt, but yogurt makers looked so expensive. I had no idea you could make it in the crockpot! This will be a big help to the grocery budget.

    For any U.S. based readers the unit conversions are 2 liters = .52 gallons or 8.5 cups. 180 C = 350 F, and 115 C = 240 F. Can't wait to try this!

  • Deanne

    I will have to try this- I am keen to look at the coconut yoghurt link.
    The only time I ever tried to make yoghurt was when J was little and I tried soy yoghurt- I didn't even like yoghurt then, so after I made it I was too scared to try it and ended up throwing it out!

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