Chances Of Roofing Have Improved

trusses 1

You know for certain that ‘it’s really going to happen’ when the materials start arriving:):)

Front wall here, ready made for speed. The walls all have to be ‘built up’ higher to match.

trusses 3

Always soo exciting when you can see the next stage of a project is closer to being a reality.

trusses 4

Though beginning to be a little daunted when I realise that the girls and I are going to have to hoist these ‘babies’ up to our waiting team on the roof.

trusses 5

Praying now it doesn’t rain for the last two weeks of November.

*Sharing with Nicole and Bec over at The Builder’s Wife

6 Responses

  1. YAY! I will pray it doesn’t rain the last two weeks of November just for you. It’s always a good day when the materials arrive. 🙂

    • Bec,
      Yes the day materials arrive you know your a big step forward in dreams becoming realities

  2. Materials arriving is so exciting, a real sign that all your plans are coming together. I’ll pray for no rain where you are for the last 2 weeks of November. xxx

    • Nicole,
      Yes pray please! Have now lined up two great helpers (my younger brothers) so we just need to pull this off with my labour force here

  3. Oh that’s exciting. Hoping the run holds off. Zoe xx

    from Weekend Rewind

    • Zoe,
      Predictions are for some extreme hot days, light rains and then clear. Plan is to go ahead, removing all belongings we don’t want wet.

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