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lib 1

Last Sunday on Mother’s Day I was crowned ‘Queen for the Day’ and my family gave this book loving girl an absolutely fantastic gift!

lib 3lib 2

All day they carried, dusted and sorted the seven thousand books that were scattered throughout the house, into our new library and created our now favourite room.

Without further ado, let’s take a tour.. lib 9

lib 7

lib 8

lib 6 lib 5 lib 4

I’m now most likely to be found in the library soaking in the atmosphere, blessed, so very blessed. There is still book organising to complete, seating to purchase and picture book display shelves to build, small details, I’ll potter along. Simply ecstatic with with our space.

A huge thank you to my family, in particular to my husband who knows the way to his wife’s heart 🙂 xxx


*Sharing over at The Builder’s Wife with this week’s Home Improvement Thursday.


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23 Responses

  1. Just lovely. ❤️

  2. Wow!!! What a room! You must be thrilled. And that collection…that is amazing! So happy for you!

    • Mary
      Extremely thrilled, still go in there and just stand gazing in happiness. Yes blessed with our collection, partially my mum’s, many from book sales and a few from bookshops.

  3. You must feel so proud! What a great job you’ve all done! Looks just great!!

  4. Love it. Plus there is still blank wall space calling for more books ;). Are you going to put some seating under the window? That would make a great reading spot. My eldest took one look at all your books and said I want to go to her house lol. Suzanne

    • Suzanne
      That blank wall is earmarked for picture book display shelves, when PC has half a spare moment. Clever thinking, yep window seating with more shelf space underneath for picture books. You’re all always welcome to come for a visit xx

  5. What a great Mother’s Day gift! It looks amazing so many books 🙂

    • Michelle
      Best Mother’s Day gift ever. So many readers, some varied tastes in books, hence partially why so many books.

  6. Now that’s a library. I love it.
    What a fab space with many hours to be spent here for years to come.
    Happy weekend. x

  7. WOW!! That is amazing!! I remember when you were just starting out, did not think it would look like this! What a great space for your family x #HIT

  8. WOOOOW! There are so many books. It looks amazing. Can’t wait to see the finer details as they happen but holy moly, it’s looking pretty good from where I’m sitting. What a great Mother’s Day gift. 🙂

  9. You must be thrilled Erin – and such perfect timing too! I imagine I would feel the same if I had a sewing/craft studio/room.

  10. Congratulations! Now all I’d need is a chair and a cuppa – bliss!

  11. What a wonderful Mother’s Day gift! I’m so happy for you that this project came together (and to have all the kids help out!! Wow!) It looks amazing, the floors are beautiful, the shelves spectacular. And the photo of you is lovely, also! Happy belated Mother’s Day, Erin!

  12. Wow!!! this looks as fantastic as I thought it would. How wonderful, congratulations. I love the crown by the way, going to be dropping hints about my own for next year 🙂 xx

  13. How wonderful. What a nice hubby.

  14. Fantastic Erin! It looks very bright and spacious!

  15. Oh my goodness me! Erin – what a blessing. One day I will sit there with you. xx

  16. A nice reading spot. An inspiration for our library.

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