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5 Board Books for Little Catholics


As the commemoration of the Birth of Our Lord approaches, I’m confident many of you, like myself, are scouring sites looking for gift ideas, including book recommendations. Over the years we have discovered some treasures that I’d love to share with you. 5 Board Books for Little Catholics is the first in a series of posts I’ll be sharing over the next fortnight, so be sure to check back.

I’d like to say a special thanks to The Bleeding Pelican, Shower of Roses, Family in Feast and Feria and Ordinary Lovely who have been instrumental in assisting me in developing my collection of Catholic titles over the years. Thank you dear friends.


When it comes to board books I ‘set the bar high’ regards text and illustrations, consequently I have to search through a lot of dross before finding gems. The five books below are treasures indeed when introducing and sharing our Faith and Our Lord’s love with our precious little ones. Enjoy 🙂


The Saving Name of God – Jean Ann Sharpe

The Saving Name of God the Son introduces the very small child to the titles of Christ. Using text taken directly from the Bible, illustrated with the gorgeous and stunning art of Fra Angelico, the life of our Lord is depicted from conception to the promise of his final return. It’s rare to find a board book that immerses the small child in rich text and art. Highly recommend.




Baby Come to Church! – Virginia Esquinaldo

This board book explores sensory experiences a very young child will have during the Mass. Daddy genuflecting, mummy praying, music playing, helpful to keep your little one engaged during the Holy Sacrifice. I find it a struggle to find Mass books for this age group that meet my ‘bar’, so was pleased to find this one. Basic text, sweet illustrations.




The Bible for Little Ones – Maite Roche

From Creation to Pentecost, the main stories from the Old and New Testaments: Adam and Eve, Abraham and Sarah, Moses and David, Mary and Joseph, Jesus and his apostles are lovingly told and illustrated for very young children. To be honest I haven’t seen this in person but purchased (and shipped direct) for our niece after scouring illustrations and text on Amazon in many books. I note the author also has another, The Gospel for Little Ones – Maite Roche



Noah’s Ark – Susan Collins Thoms

The story of Noah’s Ark is one of the most well known Bible stories, this rendition is depicted with lush and whimsical illustrations by artist Naoko Stoop. The text is gentle and engaging as well, fortunately I love this book as my little one insists on reading this repeatedly 😉  Highly recommend.




Jonah and the Big Fish – Susan Collins Thoms

What happens when you disobey God? After loving Noah’s Art I set out to find if the author/illustrator had more titles published and was thrilled to discover Jonah. Once again Thoms and Stoop captured a classical Biblical story with whimsical illustrations and engaging text. Highly recommend.

On my wishlist is also; All Creatures Great and Small and Love is Patient, Love is Kind.


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