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7 Quick Take Fridays (Vol 10)

Einstein turns 12 tomorrow and he is very excited. Following his instructions we have been op-shopping for his presents today with fantastic results! Josiah’s posts have inspired the requests for wool, cotton and leather. Strange presents for a 12yr old boy?! Just in case you think so let me reassure you that he also has asked for a bike and a Play Station Game. We shall see what tomorrow brings.

It is time for Jem to move from his bassinet into the cot. He is peering over the top of the bassinet, very dangerous, time for a lower base.

I’m pondering and praying the direction to take with Koala’s education. Presently Sonlight looks like it may be a good fit, then again……? I’m reading lots and listening.

With all the rain this week the dams have overflown. We were rather distressed to discover that the rising water had dislodged the canoe and kaykak. They both went down the overflow. The canoe has not survived the ride intact. A rather large chunk of fiber glass has come off and the top and bottom halves have parted company. So I guess we will have to learn about repairing canoes.

PC and Carpenter have signed up for the Rural Bush Fire Brigade. PC will have to undergo some training and Carpenter has joined as a junior member. This means he won’t be able to fight fires for the next couple of years until he turns 16, but is involved in other activities.

I’m still reading historical mysteries; these by Iris Collier, are set in the time of King Henry VIII. The first book is set before the dissolution of the monasteries but it is imminent. I confess to always finding this time period difficult to read, all those martyr stories I heard as a child have left me rather squeamish over the rack. I’m enjoying this series though. (Only one torture scene- I read fast;)

It is the end of Term for us here. Well technically term ends on Holy Thursday but we finished today. Holy Week we will be concentrating on Faith activities and a deep clean of the house. I have a Term Review report started, just trying to decide whether to share it here with my readers or not. Will it interest or bore you to hear of our educational highs and lows for the term? If I hear from no-one I’ll assume bore is the answer.

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