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7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol 101)

High on my job list is to paint our front door.  Which means we really need to make a decision on what colour to paint the house.  I recently spent time searching for ideas in Pinterest and I think we have narrowed the choices down to grey or green.  Which rather surprises me as I never pick nuetrals, but this time I have.  Green would blend nicely with the bush, grey with the gum trees.  We have Heritage Green gutters and primrose (yellow) windows to consider, decisions, decisions.

Talking colours, a certain young lady’s whites were washed with a purple top this week and her karate outfit is now pink!! Looking on the bright side, at least it was our teen girl’s karate outfit that is now pink and not our teen boy’s.

The timber has arrived back, all nicely finished and ready for us to lay the deck and verandah over Christmas (and the months beyond).  Very exciting moment.

Last weekend we were determined to sort out our bike situation.  Gathering all bikes and frames together, we counted 26!  Whilst it is handy to have extras for visitors this seemed a little out of control.  We’ve been assessing the worthwhile and attending to repairs.  When finished I think we might place some out on the highway with a “Take Me’ sign, apparently all sorts of things are picked up this way. One friend had a toilet picked up this way.

Last week I took advantage of the 40% off sale at Target on storage items. I was thrilled to buy all manner of containers including several of these beauties to house our picture book collection.  So easy to tote our ‘theme of the week’ from library to learning room this way.  Really made my week.

Advent starts this Sunday, I’m combing my archives and archives of friends for treasures, finding some real gems. Hopefully I’ll be back to post  my plans within the week.  Over the years we have found a lovely rhythm for Advent and I find myself really looking forward to Advent this year.

Two more weeks till the end of our official school year. We’re starting to look towards next year, chronologically we will have an; 11th Grader, 7th Grader and Kindergartener as well as a; 2nd, 5th and 9th grader. I’m thinking strengths and weaknesses, direction and guidance.

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  • Deanne

    I popped over to look at your pinterest board and for your house I would perhaps go with one of those sage/olive greens- I think this would match your gutters and windows better than grey- although I do love a grey house:)). For the front door I would consider a super dark green or if you wanted a pop of colour maybe go for a red either a nice true red or if you don't want it so bright go for a deep red.
    BTW you can get a product at the supermarket that will take out the colour and get the karate uniform back to white I think it's called runaway.

  • Erin

    I'm coming to the same conclusion re colour due to the gutters. D is now thinking brown could be a possibility too. Oh wished I knew about runaway before I did the final wash (after bleaching was a slight success)

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