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7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol 108)

I have a sneaking suspicion I have perhaps been over-reading on my ereader (Kobo touch).  This occurred to me whilst I was reading a book, the old-fashioned kind with paper pages, I had been endeavouring for several seconds to turn the page, growing more frustrated when the page didn’t turn.  It took awhile to realise I had to manually turn the page, touching wasn’t going to work.

Pondering the purpose of education as we help guide our older children on their journey and visualise the upcoming year for our younger ones.  How do we select what is important to learn and what is not so relevant?  How do we decide the must have skills and the bonuses?  For every family this answer will differ, ultimately it will be answered by family philosophy and culture.  

The older our children grow the more I am confronted by just what an awesome responsibility parenting is.  So much of our children’s beliefs, values, habits, social skills, life skills etc are formed and influenced by us.  As home educating parents we have long been aware of this on a theoretical level but now I ‘get it’ and I don’t believe this is exclusive to home education alone.  All parents play an enormous role in their children’s formation.  

On the weekend Princess was finally promoted to the exclusive group of; ‘lawnmowers’.  Caught a Kodak moment of PC walking alongside her teaching, alas didn’t catch the moment with the camera, but I did catch her solo début.

Lots of baking and creating here, I made the most incredibly moist, fluffy and sinfully delicious grain and dairy free double chocolate muffins yesterday.  Superb!  5 star rating.  This morning I made nut butter with my Champion juicer, too easy!  Re-made the banana bread with far better results, adding the bread to our favourites list.

Term 1 resumes next week.  Stationary has been purchased, books are ordered and beginning to arrive, the book wrap is standing waiting, lesson plans are finalised, ‘to do’ lists are printed and children are begging to begin.  Well one child is, that counts as plural, yes?

 Earlier this week Anna Maria and Carpenter drove to Brisbane for the first time, socialising for three days with friends.  One more event to go; a mum and daughters movie night and then we step off this social whirlwind.  Oh for normality; weekly swim lessons and karate would have to be easier.   

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