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7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol 110)

Last week I’m certain I totalled bored amused anyone who crossed my path with my Wonder Discovery!  Martha Stewart’s Tub Scrub removed scum and mold off my shower and any other surface I scrubbed.  The base of my shower looks brand new, every surface I applied the mixture too looks sparkling, I really can’t recommend this scrub highly enough!  Simply a mix of 1 cup of bi-carb, 1 teaspoon of liquid soap(detergent) and essential oil drops (I used eucalyptus) I’m wondering if my bachelor brothers have given it a shot as they politely assured me they would;)
*Hat Tip: Dee

Finally I reached my breaking point with telemarketing calls, I simply reached saturation point of unsolicited calls that interrupt and rob my time.  I registered our phone number with the Do Not Call register, within the month telemarketing will be an annoyance of our past.  However to the lovely friend I made via telemarketing, I still recall our delightful hour chat and hope you are still reading my blog, Amelia, you were one in a hundred.

Australia has declared it National Year of Reading. Our home is a reading home, the majority of my friends and their children are all keen readers, but many Australians lack basic literacy skills.
Nearly half the adult population lack the literacy skills to meet what’s described as “the complex demands of everyday life.” That includes such basic tasks as filling in job or loan applications, reading maps or the instructions on medicine bottles.  “
My hope is that one day all Australians can read, not only at a functional level but for sheer enjoyment.  In the words of our Prime Minister; “I certainly want us to be a reading nation… I want every Australian to know the joy and pleasure that comes from books and reading.”

We have began using the Beginning Apologetics – San Juan Seminar set, and I have to say I’m very impressed with how thorough it is. We are enjoying ‘digging deep’ and reading, cross-referencing and discussing.

Wellness Mama’s latest post outlines clearly our own nutritional approach.  However the next area I have to tackle is the purchase of cans, specifically canned tomatoes.  Does anyone know if BPA is a problem with cans in Australia?

Yesterday I splurged and bought several titles for Lent and Easter, I can justify this as; I haven’t bought Easter books for a couple of years nor did I purchase any Christmas books, so I’m allowed you know;)  Do you want to know what I chose?  Silly question:)
St PatrickPatrick, Saint of Ireland
St JosephFather and Son, & Fear Not Joseph!
Lent/Easter The Thornbush, On That Easter Morning, Easter Story – Spirin, Easter SwallowsIntroduction to the Liturgical Year, & The Bird’s Gift: An Ukrainian Easter Story.
What do you think?  Will I be happy?

 What to write next? I have so many ideas and posts to share I’m not sure where to begin.  Do I start with; when Anna Maria left for College and how she is going?  All About Spelling how we use it and what do I think? Princess’ educational planning what she is reading and how she is directing her learning, the lost art of letter writing my find and my thoughts, our first lounge purchase and opinion, the last few days of our Road Trip, or do you want another house building post? more book reviews? learning notes?
What do you want to read? 

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  • Deanne

    So should I take the blame for you boring everyone seeing as I recommended the tub scrub to you in the first place?
    I am going to ring those people today- so sick of telemarketers here too, I am sure I get more phone calls from them than real people some days!

  • Koala Bear Writer

    I hear you on the telemarketers. On good days, I just hang up on them. 🙂 Are you getting the scam there where someone calls pretending to be from Microsoft (or another computer place) and say they want to check your computer for you? Those people have called me a couple times a week for a while… grrr. That's one advantage to cell phones – no phone books for them so you never get telemarketers. 🙂

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