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7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol 112)

Jen’s Morning Basket post is rather inspirational, a great way to find time to share all those wonderful books we have with our children.  I’ve been giving thought to how? when?  we would have time as our morning is already a struggle.  So why not use our afternoon more constructively, we could ease into it by having an audio listening time supplementing with Basket choices. 

Talking educational choices, re-reading Angela’s posts on Choice Time, resonates deeply with me as that is how our children often learn, and Princess in particular learns.  I’m planning on writing more about this approach, but for now I’ll share that watching your 10 year old direct her education is heady indeed.

Trail Guide to World Geography is really not quite ‘our thing’ it lacks the living book approach we love.  The mapping questions are excellent, very thorough, but it is otherwise killing geographical interest.  We are meant to be studying Africa, a fascinating country but are so uninspired. Then I’m considering that trying to fit both history and geography into each week is too much, it allows for little depth.

Jimmie’s introduction of literature analysis via picture books is just a perfect way to begin this skill, my creative juices are flowing.  Then reading this post on building a whole curriculum around picture books is sending my thoughts spinning.

The Easter, St Patrick and St Joseph books I ordered are arriving and oh they are so beautiful! the pictures in Fear Not Joseph are gorgeous.

I’ve been reading lots of mysteries, and thinking it time to try some biographies or history.  Any great suggestions?

Funny of the week: Jem was handing Bass a full nectarine when I suggested that it needed cutting, and very absent-mindedly asked him to cut it. Jem answered, “I can’t” “Why?” I rejoined. “I’m only three!!! I’m not allowed to use a knife.” Mmm true:)

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  • Angel

    It *is* funny that we both wrote about Jen's post, but it doesn't surprise me given our similar homeschooling styles. 🙂 And I'm glad you found those old Choice Time posts helpful! I agree, it *is* exciting to see how independent your children can become with their learning. I still haven't hit on a good way to give my younger boys the right kind of "limits" that will direct their freedom and build their habits. They do a lot of learning on their own, but sometimes they get a bit at loose ends and mayhem ensues. Now that I'm feeling better, I have more energy to tackle those problems, though. 🙂

    Oh, and thanks for the link to Elizabeth's Storybook post. I had noted it to read later, then forgot about it. More food for thought!

  • Gae

    Dear Erin,
    I love that we think so similar. I loved Elizabeth picture book post and we have been listening to so many audios lately again.
    did you know that on Audiable.com they have the next two Rangers apprentice books. We will be getting them as soon as I remember to go online and get them.
    Interesting the way we think the same things around the same time.

    BTW how come you changed back to pop up comments

  • Erin

    Angel and Gae
    It really is a blessing to have you both as friends, friends who have such similar styles and approaches.

    The Choice times posts were so refreshing to re-read, actually I was heading to a blogging slump and they have rejuvenated my love of writing about our learning. I'm giving it some thought as to how to share our week in s similar method. for a long time I've been keeping record in a boring style, but.. possibilities..I'm pretty excited with my dd10 at present.

    Angela, until your boys are independently reading it is really hard, but with more enegy (yah!!) all things are possible. Actually that reminds me of the jar we used to have, when I got the 'I'm bored' they had to pull an activity out to the jar and do it, it may have said, play the piano, make a lego model of.., paint etc

    Gae, no surprise you loved the picture book post:) (Glad to re-prompt you Angela). I really want to get into audios more, they haven't been a huge part of our learning, courtesy of our sad library. Didn't know that about RA.

    It is interesting the time parallels!
    btw did you catch angela's 7 Quick Takes, she mentioned about soaking grains, have you done any research there?

    re threaded comments, it was driving me mad, and PC even more so that when you clicked on the comments to view it didn't just give you a pop up window but opened the post completely. So undid threaded and just waiting for them to fine tune.

  • Jeanne

    I'm inspired by Jen's morning basket as well. She has some incredible must read books in there, doesn't she?

    Thanks for your lovely emails. Will be in touch after the long weekend. xxx

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