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7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol 117)

I played tennis this week for the first time in years, at one moment I even thought I may have a chance at winning a game;)  I was however rather sore the following day. I loved playing tennis as a teenager, I’m not certain why I didn’t continue playing. Next week I’m playing again and this time I might just win one game:)

I’m pondering plans and direction for our 11th Grader, he is not certain whether University or a Trade is his path.  Just what are the most important skills to graduate with, which studies should receive the most emphasis?  I’d love to know what readers think to these questions.

You may have ‘caught’ my rave about All About Spelling, well we I was rather excited when Carpenter arrived home with Levels; 4, 5 & 6.  We began Level 4 today:)  Our other goodies included The Grammar of Poetry, I have begun studying poetry with our three oldest boys and feeling rather excited about this.  We have a few of the Institute for Excellence in Writing books now and am very impressed.

For years I have been cutting our children’s and PC’s hair, a bit of trial and error but I’m pretty happy these days.  I’ve always wanted to take a weekend course to improve but never found any, it recently occurred to me that googling ‘youtubes, cutting hair’ would grant me the tips I seek.  So, this weekend I’m watching youtubes and sharpening the scissors.

Do any of my readers know of a calendar that lists upcoming anniversaries, events etc?  A calendar that informs you of the dates such as; Anzac Day, Titanic’s 100th anniversary and May Day.  If I knew this a week or so ahead I could be certain to reserve library books and ‘strew’.

After the girls were away for two weeks, I am more aware and appreciative upon their return, of the extra dimension that is ‘them.’  Little and big undertakings, initiative moments that belong solely to our darling 10 and 7 year old daughters.  Happily busy whilst turning their clothes closet out; sorting, culling and re-organising all on their own.  A basket anonymously bought in from the van filled with shoes and jumpers, a basket of washing mysteriously folded, I instantly know to be the handiwork of our girls. Now Princess has taken up a new role, she is our new ‘ironing lady.’  When Anna Maria left home this position became vacant, as it has a small (very small) remunerative benefit it was offered to the boys.  Alas the pile grew higher, on the weekend a challenge went out that the first person to tackle the job would claim the position.  Princess has been hard at work and the ‘mountain’ has been flattened.

We have a couple of read alouds happening at present.  Lord Brocktree and Linnets and Valerians.  As I was reading Linnets and Valerians, an absolutely delightful book, I reflected on how so many of our read alouds over the years have been about families.  Often families consisting of four children or more, children who have strong moral values, have wonderful adventures, often simply finding joy in the everyday, children who treat one another kindly and leave a positive impression.  I really must write a book review on family series, mustn’t I?:)

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  • Sheryll

    Oh, post the links to your favourite hair cutting videos, please? Every time I cut my husband's hair I think how I need to sit down and watch some videos on how to do it!!

  • Deanne

    The calendar that sits by my computer has most of that stuff- probably not the Titanic though,
    Looking at it now I can see that tomorrow 6th is Coral Sea Day, Monday is May Day and Tuesday is VE Day 1945, Saturday 12th is International Nurses Day. Is that what you mean? It is just one of those free ones that businesses give out each year, you can guess where mine came from!

  • Linda

    If you find out what the most important skills are that they should graduate with, let me know! Thus far, we've discovered these to be important:

    Essay Writing. Even in TAFE, it was useful.

    Communication Skills. Speaking, communicating, etc. (not that your year 11 student has a problem there!)

    Maths – as high as you can go.

    Critical Thinking / Logic – from figuring out life's problems to dealing with that salesman at the door.

    Research Skills – and by that, I mean knowing that there is more to research than Google. 🙂

    Faith – you know more than I on that topic – faith training is at the top of the list!

    Despite my many hours worrying about history and science, I'm discovering that they're just not as important as I once thought – unless, of course, you have someone wanting to follow that path.

    Finally, whatever they are interested in – if they have an interest, that's what they'll be most interested in studying, and what they'll learn the best.

    Don't know if that's of any help, but that's just some thoughts off the top of my head…

    God bless,

  • jen

    I've found skills with Microsoft Word/Excel/Powerpoint to be useful as well as knowing how to search on the Internet.

    Other things:

    -ability to do mental math (imperative in any business)
    -ability to organize one's self
    -ability to learn a system quickly
    -phone etiquette

  • Anna Maria

    You are reading Lord Brocktree!!!!!!!! I loved that book when Dad read it aloud to us. It was one of my favourite read alouds of all time!!!!!!!!!! As you can see I'm really excited about this. :):):)

    As for Carpenter I would say that essay writing and time management are the most important skills to learn, also maths, there is nothing worse than giving someone $5 for a $3.20 item and watch them struggling with the change.

    Go for it Princess! you'll be wonderful as "ironing lady".

  • Victor S E Moubarak

    I go along with what Linda and Jen said. Computer skills are essential these days.

    Depending on what the young person wishes to do as a career; it is worth getting professional advice from that particular trade or profession.

    God bless.

  • Erin

    I'll try to do so next Friday.

    Thanks, I'll check out those links.

    Linda, Jen, Victor &A-M

    THANK YOU, THANK YOU!! now I can plan. It really, really helped to hear that. totally pondering your history/science comment Linda.

    p is the best ironer.
    Reading to M brings back memories of you enjoying it so much the first time around:)

    I will, I promise.

  • Fe

    It had never occurred to me about YouTube for hair cutting, either! Yes please to a links post:-)
    As for calendaring, I use iCal, on my Mac, and add dates I notice to the current year–whenever I notice them. The trick is though, that I make the, an annually recurring event, and set a reminder for about ten days in advance. Then I sit back and wait for next year:-)

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