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7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol 119)

Bass has mastered a new skill, a rather scary skill.  He continually climbs onto the table despite the fact that he can not even walk! He pulls the chair out, clambers up and onto the table.  In an effort to dissuade this behaviour we tried removing the chairs from under the table and lining them along the wall.  This was of little use however as he just pushes the chair across the room to the table and climbs up still. It is all rather exhausting trying to stop him.

A friend was bold enough to share that she dislikes comment verification, I’m going to join her in saying, “me too!”  It takes up time to fill in those irritating words that I have to tilt and peer at. If you have comment verification and I leave a comment consider it a high honour indeed!  Whilst talking blogging irritations, I also dislike not being able to read blogs in full in my google reader. In fact I only have one blog in my reader that I can’t read in full in feedly, I’ve unsubscribed from all others for this reason.  Please take pity on me and consider changing your settings, pretty please:)

We were uncertain about changing clarinet teachers for Carpenter but we took a leap, changed and are very happy.  Sometimes though excellence comes with a higher price tag, but hopefully this translates to faster progress as well as the correct tutelage.

Despite the lack of enthusiasm for our spelling time, one son does admit that he can see it making a difference in his spelling ability, I agree, it certainly is!

Our younger two soccer players competed in a Carnival last weekend and it was most positive for our reluctant player:) He grew in confidence with the game, got to know his fellow team mates and is declaring soccer to be fun!!!  Believe me this is massive:):)

During dinner I was discoursing with my family about worms, specifically worms in tequila, for some reason this was not something they were aware of!  However they disputed my morsel of knowledge so I  researched and discovered that worms in tequila is a myth.

I was discussing with a friend an interesting post on hanging washing.  Our talk morphed into just what our own foibles are, ’cause this is rather a passionate topic you know, in fact the first fight PC & I had when newly married was about this very topic. My pattern is to hang the big items on the outside line, the smaller items on the inside lines and the underwear on the inmost lines.  However I don’t work from the outside in or the inside out, I move about dependent as to what item I pluck from the basket.  My friend however has a most impressive system, as her clothes emerge from the washing machine they are shaken and sorted into piles; pants, shirts, socks and so forth, much easier for to hang, inside of the line to the out is her system. So what is your system?

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  • Angel

    I have had several kids who were table climbers. The worst were the twins, mainly because there were two of them. My current toddler, however, has been the only one who ever tried to hang by the chandelier! To stop the baby (ies) climbing on the table… or the desks… we had to flip over every chair in the house. A friend of mine came over once and started automatically turning over chairs until I told her they were flipped on purpose. (I guess she thought I was just a *really* horrible housekeeper??) Then she told me that she had fastened all her dining room chairs together with bungee cords when her little one started climbing on the table. That way they couldn't be individually pulled out from under the table.

  • The Academy of the Good Shepherd

    Erin, your Bass sounds just like my Patch. Patch is walking now and climbing more than ever. It is very difficult! We've gotten into the habit of laying all the chairs down on their sides. Now though, he slides the chair to where he wants it and climbs up on it. The other day he did that and almost opened the oven door!

    We also had a discussion about tequila! How uncanny is that?! We also discovered that it's not tequila that contains the worm.

    Finally, I have no clue what my blog settings are or how to change them. Help?


  • Willa

    I feel the same way about comment verification and about partial feeds. Most of the time they end up sliding off my blogging/commenting list.

    I wish I could say I had a laundry system but I just hang them as they come out of their basket. I will have to experiment with some of your suggestions though.

  • Valerie Malott

    My youngest was a climber also, just like his biggest brother. Big Bro is a good athlete, so maybe it will work it little man's favor? 😉 I had no idea about the tequila worm being somewhat of a myth. And for some reason, I thought it was a hallucinogen not an aphrodisiac. LOL! And, lastly, ditto on the comment verification. Now I'm hoping I don't have my blog set up that way. If so, shoot me an E-MAIL and let me know! 😀 Not sure about my feed either. Hmmm…how does one check these things?

  • Deanne

    Love a climber!!!! NOT

    I think I probably hang the same as you or I try to find all the undies and socks first and hang them on the short rows and then work my way out- though it does depend what's in the wash. I also try and match the socks to partners so that it is easier to take off the line- not that I hang stuff on the line much anymore as the kids tend to do it so of course with them none of the rules apply!

  • Vicky


    I tend to hang according to bedroom order. Then, we pull everything off in sections and take the piles straight to the right wardrobes.

    And yes, the comment verification and partial feeds thing is frustrating. Hmm, I'd better go and check my blog doesn't have it!;-)

    My toddler lost half of a front tooth through climbing, when he was 13 months old, Erin:-( He started walking at just over 10 months but was so unstable that every week he seemed to fall and cover his mouth and nose in blood. I can understand your worry – at one stage, I had to be beside Jordy constantly. It's much easier, now, though:-)

  • Erin

    bungee cord sounds like a great idea.

    How funny we both were talking about tequila.

    So how is your laundry system going?)

    Positive thinking, like it:)

    yep the ch'n just don't care like we do.

    Now I'm nervous!

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