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7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol 12)

My sister Monette’s baby is ten days overdue. Please pray that she goes into labour soon. She does not want to be induced.

PC went to get a new pair of lenses and came home with contacts as well!

Please pray for my friend Gae, they desperately need to sell their house. A prospect buyer is deciding on purchase or not this weekend, pray that she chooses to buy Gae’s house.

Four of the children attended a cartoon workshop run by our local library yesterday. They absolutely loved it and have been cartooning since they got home.

I have spent half the week up at the shipping container re-organising. It had got to the point where we had to crawl in over things. Everything was pulled out and re-organised. I pulled every book box out and re-packed. I now have a new system so hopefully it will be easier to keep tidier.

Koala started her first day of work! She is doing volunteer work at the Regional Library headquarters. She spent the day mailing, filing and book covering. She came home beaming, it was wonderful to see her so happy. A new phase in parenting begins for us.

We have made some progress in planning for this term, we have ordered books for the highschoolers, decided on the units for the primary schoolers and have planned some tweaking to our schedules. I now have to pull it into a written plan. Stay tuned.

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  • Angel

    Oh my, having a cancer taken off your arm, a little nerve wracking! Funny about the tattoo, though.

    I didn't make Jen's 7 Day in challenge, but I have been trying to write more on my blog. The only problem – I don't have as much time to read blogs!

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