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7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol 121)

We are now the proud owners of a new digital piano.  It’s tones are awesome,  we are very excited and have been playing on and off all afternoon.

Bass has a wonderful sense of rhythm, he sways and rocks to any music and can clap in beat.  Definitely a musical interest.

This week our younger ones have spent hours outdoors playing on the swings, slide and trampoline and building cubbies in the underbrush.  Some days the winter sun has been inviting, other days it has been rather cold and windy but they have been undeterred.  They disappear outdoors following breakfast and only re-merge for meals.  This sort of playing makes my mummy heart happy.

My friend Pam has been busy on a new project, Real Mom Resources a gathering house of blog links of interest to moms. Organised into topics, photography, homemaking, homeschooling etc this is great way to gather all those posts that interest you.  Be sure to pop over and add your links to the collection.

Yesterday I re-organised the Gantt chart, our previous building schedule was way out in estimation, which is often the case as life happens.  Originally my goal was to re-roof the Great Hall so we could put in a ceiling in the dining room.  Admittedly the exposed gaps generate a rather cold temperature during winter.  I’m now resigned to a cold winter and working toward electricity for the summer.  Fans and air-conditioning would be appreciated come summer.

I’ve been contemplating just how many loads of washing I’d do over a lifetime, we average 17 loads a week, multiplied by 52 a year multiplied by…. well it just adds up incredibly doesn’t it!  

A discussion with an older child has me reminiscing about the excursions and fun activities we did with our older children, I have to say our middles and youngers haven’t had the same opportunities.  Wondering if I should rectify that.  It’s all a matter of energy really.

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