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7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol 126)

Reminding all that next Friday submissions for the launch of the Homeschool High School Carnival close at midnight!  I’m so looking forward to this Carnival it is certain to be a source of inspiration and support.  If you are not already planning to join us do consider to do so:)


Yesterday I posted off a birthday post satchel of goodies to our girl away at College.  Next week she will celebrate her first birthday without us and I thought I was being brave about it all.   I was consoling myself  that she won’t be alone,  her ‘city family’ are planning a meal, her Uni friends are taking her out, and we’d send her lots of love and a satchel of presents.  As I handed over that post satchel I felt an intense sense of loss, my hand lingered in the air wanting to snatch it back, I stood there holding up the line as I fought a sudden need to cry.  I did tell the postal lady that it was my daughter’s 19th birthday present, her first from home, ’cause this was a special parcel, handle with care!  So yep, maybe that skype party we’re planning for next week where we blow out candles on our end, and laugh with our girl on the other end mightn’t be so easy afterall.

Talking Anna Maria’s presents, despite Jem’s insistence for the past fortnight that what his big sister would like is a helicopter or a ‘fast’ car (cause her car is slow), we didn’t buy her a helicopter, fast car, nor the truck that was his last ditch effort.

Jem’s conversations are in the realm of fascinating.  Theology plays a big part in his thoughts, questions and comments.  Talking in Church is not really acceptable we try to remind him, however all his incessant talking does relate to what is happening around him.  Sometimes I hear a chuckle or two from our surrounding parishioners when he speaks clearly enough for them to hear and understand.  Some of his comments I pray are only clear enough for a mother to interpret. Unfortunately he was clear last week as he stared at Our Lord on the cruxifix and announced loudly, “He is NAKED!”

The launch of Kahn Academy’s new Computer Science programming has been of keen interest to our teen boys!  They are thoroughly enjoying delving into the world of animation and programming, feeling a wonderful sense of achievement as they master the tasks.

Yesterday I ‘missed a moment’, admittedly it was an awkward time for a heartfelt discussion however, my acquaintance had recently suffered a miscarriage, but she mustn’t have been aware I knew, she didn’t respond to my cues and I said nothing.  How often do we not acknowledge another’s pain and miss an opportunity to say, “I care, you are in my thoughts and prayers”?


Over the last few months we have been blessed to have some wonderful priests come into our lives.  It has been are a real blessing for us and for our children to chat over dinner, play chess and pool with these  prayerful men.  

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  • Anna Maria

    Very funny about Jem, I seem to recall being told that Carpenter did a similar thing a the same age, telling you that I would love a truck or a toy car.

    Thank you for the sentiments but I must reasure you I won't be alone and I'll think of you on the big day.

  • Sue Elvis


    The carnival is exciting! I only hope I get it all sorted out in my head. I've been sitting here rereading emails and planning…

    Lovely to hear all your news.

    Happy birthday Anna Maria!

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