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7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol 127)

Frequently today my thoughts have been with my dear friend Gae as her and her family leave their Tasmanian home and venture forth to the next exciting chapter in their lives.  I think I may be nearly as excited as they are, finally they will be back on the mainland within driving distance!!!

Last night PC and I slipped out for a quick supper date, we’d considered ‘kicking back’ and having a chat over a hot chocolate at McCafe’s, the choices are slim in our town so, but  their ‘big screen’ and music videos irritate me, so not inviting! Instead we slipped into Hungry Jack’s and I was so disappointed to discover they also have a ‘big screen’, very distracting, so not the ambiance.

Whilst at HJ’s though we were rather intrigued by another couple nearby.  The entire time they spoke not a word to one another, they were on their iphones texting.  We’re still uncertain as to how they knew it was time to leave, somehow they arose, still texting and walked out the door with fingers moving over their keys, perhaps they texted to one another..

With summer starting tomorrow it was time this week to shop for the new season’s wardrobe.  After turning each child’s closet over, handing down, discarding and storing away we were all set with a list.  A successful (and pricey) shopping expedition for the boys was carried out, but alas for the girls the clothes were a sore disappointment, ebay could yet be our friend.  They are needing shorts but as the boys commented, the pockets contain more material than the shorts themselves:(

I want to be like Vicky, I want to rediscover my passion for homeschooling.  We’re achieving and making sound progress but … something is missing, we’re finishing but not necessarily savouring.  Somehow we need to find that balance between directed learning and natural learning… I do feel close though… pondering and praying:)

As I watch our four youngest at play together it is at times, like stepping back in time. One girl and three little boys discovering the world together.  The world through the eyes of young children has so much potential so many important questions that need answers.

Whilst Jem’s conversations at present take a theological tack, Jack Jack is all about science.  “Why is the grass important, what do the trees do, where does the moon go, what does your ear canal look like”

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