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7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol 137)

The truth is, some years our observance of Advent is far more prayerful and fruitful than others.  This is indeed a ‘lean’ year.  However now the focus is no longer on our Wedding Anniversary, I’m hopeful that we can somehow claim at least the next ten days:)

To that end, tomorrow we begin our deep Advent cleaning, nothing says Christmas is drawing closer than a deep clean and de-clutter.  The children are not thrilled;)  Windows, screens  wall, light fixtures, all will be washed and sparkling, cupboards will be tossed, culled and re-organised, cobwebs will vanish, all in preparation for Him.

This week I was once again appalled at customer service, truly, whatever happened to basic common courtesy and realising you want your customers to return.  Our sewing machine has died (my 16th birthday present!) and on the advice of a friend that the quality of the old machines are far better than the new models, I wished to investigate having it repaired.  PC took the machine in, now I admit it did look rather sad loved.  A couple of pieces are missing and it is slightly popped, however it has still been working like this for years.  The shopkeeper made some very disparaging remarks about how it looked, that they wouldn’t touch it, and offered their machines that are on sale.  Totally rubbed me raw when PC relayed all this, why couldn’t the shopkeeper have said, “Your machine looks well loved, however I’m afraid we wouldn’t be able to fix it”.  We are now in the market for a new machine but we certainly won’t be buying from there, good customer service is something we prize.

Homeschool Blog Award winners are now being announced, thus far the winners for the New Homeschool Blog and the Top Homeschool Mom Blog have been revealed.

Have I lost you all yet with my myriad posts on Christmas books?  Eyes glazing and fingers scrolling quickly?  Whilst I realise I risk boring you all, I’m finding it rather fun, reading and asking my children and husband to help me rate.

Next month is my youngest sister’s 21st!  This morning I combed through 6 years of digital photos compiling a file of photos of her.  Honestly I really don’t think I’ve taken enough photos over the years, I need to click away more often, though I can say with confidence that my photography skills sure have improved.  I’m inspired to spend some more time pursuing photography in the holidays.

Thinking we should really buy our local paper, a friend shared with me today that our boys were in our local paper last week, that brings the tally up to three appearances in the local rag of our children in the past month and we haven’t seen any!

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  • Annie Kate

    I so enjoy your Quick Takes! I'd completely forgotten about the HS blog awards, but I've already checked one of them out. Thanks for reminding me.

    Our kids are in the paper occasionally, and but it's a free paper and the neighbors save us copies as well. We're keeping an eye on the papers now, since our four still at home each got a prize in the Legion Remembrance Day contest; our little homeschool has been getting at least as many prizes as the nearby public schools. I am astonished and humbled by that.

    What were your kids in for?

    Wishing you a blessed weekend. We're having a Christmas concert as well as a belated Sinter Klaas, so it will be quite a weekend for us.

  • Pieces of Sunshine

    Sad news about your sewing machine – even sadder to hear of such poor customer service. I guess some folks don't think about the impact of their words (although I guess we are all guilty of this at times).

  • Deanne Langford

    we cleaned this week and although they weren't happy they mostly all got on board. A few paid jobs (windows, weeding, ovens etc) helped with getting some of the less fun jobs done and an ice cream sundae at the local ice cream shop as a treat for a week of hard work helped.

  • Anonymous

    Hi Erin,
    you might try the sewing store just north of where I live … I know they have a guy who does machines there, I think on Thursdays.

  • Erin

    Let's see, they were in for our local fun run, altar serving for a major anniversary and a local library event.

    well yes I guess we all can be guilty of this.

    Wouldn't it be wonderful if they were all on board without incentives, sigh

    He did my overlocker, still not happy with the tension though

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