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7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol 15)

My 7 Quick Takes are very brief this week as I leave tomorrow morning to Go South to visit a Very Special Family for our god-daughter’s baptsim. So today’s post is dedicated to travel preparations.

New clothes have been purchased; do you know just how cold it is in Tasmania? We will be that much closer to the Pole, brrr.

I have packed our bags. Jem’s and mine that is, we are the travellers.

Have camera, spare memory card, batteries and battery re-charger. We have been caught out at too many major family events with no camera. I’m prepared this time.

A very specially decorated Baptismal Candle is organised (and packed) with the kind help of a dear talented friend.

Charts abound on the fridge to aid my mil. We have a menu chart, a job chart, and a weekly itinerary chart. The latter chart rivals an army expedition, full of soccer trainings, gymnastic classes, referee meetings, soccer games, ballet classes, job commitments and a birthday party. My mil’s head must be spinning.

The weekly lesson plan is printed out, and Grandma has been briefed. The children know what they have to do so hopefully all is clear here.

Plane tickets are printed out and we are ready to embark. We are very excited.
Bonus is we get to visit family enroute and see out new (6mth old) nephew.

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