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7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol 155)

Only 2 days until our College ‘children’ are home for 4 weeks!!!!  We are beyond excited and can’t wait…..!!!!!!!  Earlier in the week we decided to do something special in their honour whilst waiting, so we painted a couple of rooms, and we’ve been cleaning for days.  Now we are waiting, oh so patiently;)

Toy sales galore this week, just in time for mega birthday week.  With high hopes the children set off to town today to shop for siblings, only to be disappointed with the plastic, overpriced junk available.  Fortunately for PC and I, we’d done the bulk of our shopping online via gumtree.

Last week I mentioned we have a mice plague and we’ve been hearing lots of scratching.  We have of course declared War!  Today I discovered they have been scampering along the top shelf of books in the library and gouging the cornices, eating paper, paint and plaster!!  I’m totally not happy!!

Painting the learning room has given a total new look to the room, my next plan is to make fabric bins, remove the cupboard doors on at least one of the long ‘school cupboards’ and paint the strips in Spanish Cream.

PC has nearly finished the plastering and soon, very soon we will be painting another room and the hallway.  Oh how I long to have a painted hallway, a half completed hallway is not inspiring.

Second Term concludes today and I have to confess the second half of term was rather humdrum.  My mind is already turning to the possibilities of Term 3, thinking of ways to capture my children’s interest, to impart a love of learning.  It sure doesn’t feel like any learning passions have been kindled for some time.

The advent of holidays of course mean plans to the children.  What parties can they have, where can they go, what can they do.  My answer is, we really can’t make plans until those ‘big siblings’ arrive home and tell us of their plans.  So hurry home darlings, we’re waiting, oh so patiently;)

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  • Multi-tasking Mama

    Erin, I am excited to have your children home and I don't even knwo them. I think your joy must be contagious. 🙂

    BTW point 6 … I SOOO know how you feel. One of the reasons I homeschool is to give them a love of learning but geesh sometimes you can do everything and you aren't sure thta love is getting through … or is that simply how I feel … lol

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