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7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol 160)

Last week I participated in Jennifer’s 7 posts in 7 days challenge. Pretty proud that I managed to write 7, though I might have tweaked blogger’s schedule feature and ‘backdated’ a couple of posts;) Whilst I found 7 posts a little too much, I did realise that I could easily ‘step up’ my writing schedule.  In fact I was more economical with my online time as I had a plan.  On a regular basis I could easily manage 3-4 posts a week compared to my current average of 2.  On the other hand I didn’t like to have to write.

Yesterday I realised with surprise that Jem will be 5years old in another 2 months!!  Five sounds so old!!  Five in our home means more is expected of you, including being officially on the job roster.

Only a month ago did we buy our new front loader, we were not happy to have to ring the repairman today.  Turns out a tiny part of a paddlepop and a nail were the culprits, blocking the pump. All are on strict instructions to clean out their pockets before loading.

Living on a building site I take great enjoyment in any little pretty touches I can manage.  Which is why setting up our new toy shelving means so much to me.  It really, really makes me happy,  perhaps it gives me hope I have some control over my environment;)

Reflecting on real learning, real connections and ‘getting it done’.  Still struggling to find a balance between the two, cause learning isn’t all ‘roses’, sometimes you just have to put in the ‘hard slog’. However I want the children to love learning, what is the answer?

Only 4 more weeks until the soccer season is finished!!  Can you tell I’m ready for a break?  Not planning on any summer sports at this stage.  We”l have the pool this summer so everyone will be happy.

Our Anna Maria is renting her first house with friends this semester.  She is really looking forward to setting up home and diving into cooking.

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