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7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol 161)

Did you catch my new logo for my frugal living series? Honestly it just cracks me up.  I was casting around for an eye catching look, when the humour in the picture just grabbed me, obviously it doesn’t take much to make me laugh.

My stats note that in the last week I’ve had over 1,000 hits from vampirestat and adsensewatchdog. They are referrer spam-bots and the best thing to do is ignore them, never check them out and never link to them, there is a high probability of malware.  Alas my research confirms there is no way to block them on blogger.

When I made my First Confession I was 7, and I suppose my teacher thought it best to teach her 1st Graders the Short Act of Contrition.   The very, very annoying thing though is, 34 years later I still say that Short Act of Contrition each time in the Confessional.  Despite the fact that I know the longer Act of Contrition, which I generally recite daily and always, always say aloud with my children on the way to Confession to imprint upon my brain.  I enter that Confessional and become a 7 year old child again, so frustrating.  Today however I short-circuited my brain’s wiring, took my 7 year old’s book in (with the long Act – I teach my children the long Act) I started reciting the short prayer, looked down at the book and managed to recite the longer version.  Today I sounded like an adult and not a 7 year old:)

I have been blessed with many talented friends in my life, many of these talents are not ones I am gifted with but I admire them immensely.  My friend Deanne has a decorating talent that is impressive to say the least.  Many years ago when we were new mums, she would always astound me with the little touches that she bought to her home, her husband too is rather talented, this dynamic duo have created many an impressive project.  Deanne has taken her talents to a whole new step and has started a business, redeemed{unique gifts and homewares.  She certainly is ‘making old new’, her mind is brimming over with ideas and she is bringing them to fruition, creating masterpieces that many of us would not conceive of from ‘junk’.  Frankly I’m in awe.

How do you deal with blogs that ‘don’t speak to you’ or perhaps ‘upset you’ for a wide variety of reasons?  Simcha shares some very practical tips on How to Read Blogs, I found myself agreeing with much of what she shared. Charlotte also shared how she groups blogs into different categories and is drawn to some more than others.  Let’s face it we are all drawn to different blogs but we don’t have to be snarky and rude to others about what or how they choose to blog.  At times different blogs ‘speak to me’ at other times they may overwhelm me.  That folks is about me, my life journey, not the blogger, rejoice for the blogger, be aware she/he is only showing a snippet of her/his life, or perhaps she/he needs support and prayers.  Be mature, accept yourself for who you are and be kind at all times, otherwise say nothing at all.

Jelly Bean dissolved into tears again today over our Geography book.  She finds it too hard, and doesn’t understand any of it, admittedly whilst there is so meaty knowledge in this book, it is rather verbose which is where I think she gets lost.  So we’ve ditched the book, plans can be fluid, so it looks like I have an African geo unit to plan.

Oh yes, I’m also fine tuning plans for our homeschool camp in four weeks and need to organise registration details and print certificates for 70 children before our homeschool sports day on Monday. Deep breath, one step at a time.

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