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7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol 167)

Earlier this week I shared my thoughts on Embracing Your Unique Creativity, accepting yourself for who you are, with your own unique talents.  Thought I had it all sewn up and was at peace with myself when… I fell into the trap again.  Jem turned 5 this week and I thought he might like a cake, afterall isn’t that what ‘good mothers’ do, bake and decorate birthday cakes. I dreamt that perhaps I could be super talented and try my hand at a decorated theme cake, I’ve always wanted to be talented like that, I really admire that talent.  So I asked him what sort of cake would he like, chocolate, plain etc leading up to the decision of what theme he might like.  He answered totally scornfully, “Cake! I don’t want cake”.  See my family aren’t real fond of cake so any latent talent I might discover in cake constructing and decorating would be unappreciated anyhow.  Reality check.

Talking about his birthday he and his siblings were so excited about this event.  The night before there was great discussion about waking him up, I naively thought I’d nipped early opening present plans in the bud when I declared they were not to wake PC and I before 6am.  At 5.15am we were awakened to feet thundering down the hallway to outside, then voices yelling on top note to the dog, “Happy Birthday” and the dog going ballistic and barking back.  When I stumbled out of bed, down the hall at 5.30am they were most excited to see me, “You’re awake” um yeah.  Turns out Jelly Bean (9) had awoken at 1am and wishing to be the first to wake Jem with birthday wishes had crept into bed with him and waited til 5am to wake him.  Well at least she woke the correct person that morning, two mornings before at 5.30am she thought it was his birthday and woke PC and I.

This birthday has been eagerly looked forward to.  Two days before I’d had a humorous conversation with Jem when he asked “how many more days till my birthday?” I’d answered, “two” and he begged, “Can’t we skip a day?”

Went for my gestational diabetes test this week, a 2 hour test!! What do people do when they don’t have reliable teenagers to babysit!  2 hours is ridiculous, oh well, one foul drink, three needle and blood extractions later and I left with a clean bill of health.

Initially I had a lovely couch chair to relax in and then I had to sit in the waiting room whenever they needed my room.  The waiting room was excruciating for me, one thing I can’t stand is unnecessary noise, and a tinny radio player is unnecessary. As my family know I always turn radios off, I’m a party pooper I know, but in my defense I live with 10 people, I like quiet when I can get it.  And with my hearing loss it’s only noise and not music anyhow.  So when all patients and nurses vacated the room it occurred to me, I could turn the noise off, and I did:)

If one of your children (or yourself) are struggling with warts I strongly recommend apple cider vinegar.  We’ve used it with great success for two children now .  You need to apply the vinegar and then cover with a bandaid daily, and if you’re also dealing with planter warts apple cider vinegar works too, just use plumber’s tape to cover it.  It took two weeks but they are now eradicated.

Last night as I ‘slaved over a hot stove’ making beef stroganoff for the first time, it occurred to me that generally I make much simpler meals whereas I prepare, and leave to cook, returning later. Interesting thought to ponder.  The stroganoff verdict? My teens and middles loved it, younger ones didn’t and PC found it too creamy.  But I knew he’s not a keen creamy fan, he ate it though, he’s good like that,  I won’t make it again though ’cause as much as I like to please my teen boys I cook to please PC’s palate more, sorry boys.

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  • RAnn

    BTDT with the foul drink and my first child. I much preferred the method the ob who delivered the other two used. He told me to eat a sweet starchy breakfast and then go get blood drawn an hour later. I'm guessing if I had flunked that test I would have had to drink the nasty stuff, but realistically, if my blood sugar is ok after blueberry pancakes and orange juice, it should be able to handle most things.

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