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7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol 174)

Last week I shared I hadn’t undertaken any preparations for the baby’s birth.  I then reflected upon the blessing of giving birth during Advent and was motivated to begin.  I not only began but have completed all preparations, bar a couple of minor details.  I ended up washing only neutrals, which I have to admit are looking rather tired, but I’m sure when we break open the blue/pink bags we’ll find some goodies.

Actually I’m still convinced it will be the blue bag we’ll be opening.  I dreamt again I had a boy, that’s three times now.  Has anyone ever dreamt about the gender of their baby and then had the opposite? I’ve never had these sorts of dreams before.

One of the items I need to replace are my cloth nappy liners, I haven’t seen them in the shops for years. Anyone remember the triangular liners?  I’m not certain what fabric they are, they’re stretchy and soft, very breathable.  Any suggestions of what fabric I should use to make more?  A friend suggested a soft muslin or flannel, just worried flannel would be too hot for summer.

As I’ve nearly completed baby preparations I’m turning my focus to Christmas presents, I have one child completed purchased for, but have nine more to go, not to mention PC and extended family. I’m totally stumped as to what to buy my children, what do they need that they haven’t already got? Their want list isn’t long either.  Any suggestions? Children aged newborn to 20 years.

One idea though is, I’d love to make my girls nightgowns, long, feminine ones. I’ve been googling around and have seen a couple of ideas for older girls, such as this and this. Have you seen any other patterns?

We completed our Leap into Literature this week whilst focusing on Australian History, I’ll be sharing our finds soon.  It’s been a great success and we’ve enjoyed the relaxed pace whilst finding some absolute gems.  The next fortnight we’ll be focusing on Advent, we have lots of great books to choose from.

We rearranged our study last weekend to a layout PC was keen on and I was dubious about.  I’m really excited with the new look, so clean and sleek, a reminder that I should trust in his vision more often. Humbling.

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