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7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol 175)

In the ‘home run’ now, only 12 days till the baby is due.  Very exciting, won’t be long until we hold our little one.  Though I admit to playing mind games, everyday I say to PC, “today’s the Feast of St Nicholas, the 8th is the Feast of the Immaculate Conception…. then there is The Feast of…. that will be a good day to have a baby.” As if I can control these things.  As a friend firmly reminded me, if I’m having a boy I’ll be 10 days over anyhow, I won’t even have the baby till December the 28th.  Essentially I need to ‘get real and get with the program’.   So in the ‘home run’ now only 22 days to go.

There’s plenty of organising to distract me anyhow, we’ve just amped up the building works and I have my project manager’s hat back on.  I’m organising plumbers, wet area installers, freight companies and council inspections, selecting bathroom tiles, baths, basins and showers. PC and Co are tiling over the Christmas holidays.

After talking with other renovators I realise we have a different approach to many.  Whilst many need to have it all planned out prior to starting we don’t.  To explain what I mean by all, let’s talk bathrooms, many renovators would make all the decisions on the following before beginning anything; the tiles, the tapware, all the hardware, the paint etc etc. We’re happy to ‘poke along’, we’ve already bought the tapware and the toilets months ago, and now we’re looking at the hardware, tiles etc.  Not perturbed, it will all come together, ‘different strokes for different folks.’

We now are officially halfway through our Christmas shopping, all done from the comfort of our computer chairs, which thus far has been quite economical, via our banks’ reward programs.  Most Australian banks have a Reward program, for every dollar you spent via your credit cards you earn points, when you allow the points to add up you are then entitled to ‘spend your points on designated items.  Such as toys, electronics, kitchen items, gift cards etc. This year we’ve been delighted to buy a number of presents via our reward programs.

Today is the Feast of St Nicholas but we kept it rather low key this year, no party, though we still received our traditional candy canes, chocolate coins and gift.  Generally our gift is a book of a spiritual nature, and I’m really looking forward to sharing these books soon. I discovered some beautiful Catholic saints books that I’m very excited about.

Too much screen watching is creeping back into our lives again, probably rather normal for this stage of my pregnancy, less energy, less vigilance.  Today though I realised I really need to be consistent in setting up alternative activities.  Pleas for screen time tend to be when they’ve become aimless and directionless.

One of my favourite blogger’s Sally Thomas is involved in a new blog Things and Thoughts. Highly worth checking out.  

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