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7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol 19)

School holidays start today. Two weeks to relax, time to simply play, to catch up on reading, an opportunity to ponder the direction best for our family to take next term.
I’m planning on lots of read alouds, sewing projects and Nature walks, and to start in earnest the Little Saints program. Oh and I have lots of re-organising projects in mind.

As it was the last day of Term 2 today the children and I spent time assessing the term, what worked, what they enjoyed, what wasn’t so popular. We also spent time discussing what everyone would like to learn next Term.
It appears they all enjoyed their Maths and Language Arts, the girls particularly liked poetry memorisation (the boys didn’t), various success with science, the boys and Princess enjoyed creative writing, Koala preferred more formal writing (once she got over her block). History was tolerated.
They have chosen to look at Modern History next term which will really be a collaboration between history and geography/cultures. Koala wants to continue with Fr Laux’s books, Carpenter prefers reading about saints. Koala wants to learn Italian, the boys Latin.

Koala is on a Louis L’Amour binge at the moment. Our library has dozens. Prince Charming has joined her but she reads twelve to his two.

Talking about library books, Koala also reserved a Biggles omnibus. She has long finished but I am making my way through. They contain stories we haven’t previously read. When Grandma moved we inherited Pa’s Biggles collection, which was extensive. My preference are the ones set after the war.

Our plans have now changed and we are no longer going to build a shed for our learning room. To be honest the price was so ridiculously high, we are going to start our extensions instead; it makes more sense. I’ll be project manager once again, so I need to get busy and start planning.

I’m always telling my children that ‘God provides,’ I really believe this, so often in our life He has provided when needed, it amazes me every time. Well God demonstrated this once again last Sunday. As we were driving into Mass and PC and I discussed the need for fresh straw for the chook nests, PC commented though that he couldn’t bring himself to buy a bale of hay at $11 a bale!
On the return trip what should we see but hay on the side of the highway! We quickly pulled over and discovered a huge flake that had literally ‘fallen of the back of a truck’. I turned to the children and reminded them that ‘God always provides.’ 🙂 He truly does.

I have some very exciting family news to share, but I’m not at liberty to share yet. I will say though that we are very, very excited about something very special.
(and no we are not to be blessed with a little one at this stage)

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