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7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol 191)

I and Bella of course, are hanging out in Sydney for a couple of weeks, living with our College kids experiencing an entirely different rhythm of life. They are benefiting from some Mum attention and I’m privileged to have a close up look at their City life with their day to day realities.  Bella is being an absolute angel, which is fantastic as we’ve crashed in on the lives of 4 young College students.

Meanwhile PC is home manning the fort with the other seven.  He is a trouper, dealing with logistics of extra curricula activities and work shifts, his work commitments, homeschooling, running the household and most importantly meeting the emotional needs of the children, who are missing their mama. And our older boys and girl, we’re so darn proud of those kids, pitching in and helping; babysitting, cooking meals, doing laundry and keeping the house shipshape, it’s cleaner than when I’m there. Truly, they are awesome, totally awesome.

Our College children attend a Catholic College and you really know you are surrounded by pro-life students when you take a baby on campus and young men and women come up and coo and play with the baby:) I think it rather special to see young 20 year old guys playing with an unknown baby. Anyhow we’ve had the opportunity to attend daily Mass, either early in the morning with the ‘locals’ or at midday with the students. Wednesday we attended with the students and truly it all took on a farcical note. Bella(4 months) has just found her voice, picture a small College chapel with young adults complete quiet and then, “ah, ah, ah” with a rising tone, all heads swivel in surprise to hear a baby.  That’s acceptable, then time for a feed.  Bella is a noisy feeder, and I do mean noisy.  Inevitably, I know I cannot put her off any longer and I settle her for a feed, praying this time she might be quiet. Nope, “Slurp, slurp, choke, choke, slurp, slurp” oh to be invisible, perhaps my humility needs further work.  Consecration time, the Elevation, all solemn, eyes raised. A phone rings, trumpets blaring the last Post, horrors, that’s my phone!! Fumble, I hold the button to off. I’m only new at the mobile phone gig, hope that’s fixed it. Second elevation, the Precious Blood, phone goes off again.  I hold the button down and don’t remove for the rest of the Mass, like a deadman’s switch.  Oh mortifying, couldn’t get any worse, it does!  Bella fills her nappy, loud and long.  I cringe hoping she hasn’t embarrassed her siblings, I assume not as they take her out after Mass to introduce to their College mates.  Next week we’ll return for hopefully an uneventful Mass.

It’s been a lovely opportunity down here to catch up with family.  We’ve caught up with my City brothers, and one of PC’s brother’s and his family.  We’ve meet my brother’s fiance’s family (very lovely) and I’ve spent the day with my new sister-in-law to be.  We shopped till we dropped, a very special time indeed getting to know her.

To make this possible I’ve ventured forth and used public transport, a big deal for this country girl. Rather proud of myself though, I’ve successfully navigated my way around with buses and the train.  Sydney folk are very friendly and helpful and Bella of course charms everyone, she’s that sort of baby.  Coming home the other night with a train full of commuters, all looking rather spacy and standoffish, Bella begins her cooing and smiling and soon has the whole carriage smiling back and nodding at her, telling me how beautiful she is.  And I’ve had men at both stations offering to carry her stroller up and down the stairs, very helpful.

As our children’s washing machine has died I’m using disposables and feeling rather guilty, I keep thinking,”the landfill, I’m filling up the landfill.”  Must admit though it is very easy.

Next week I’m meeting a blogging friend:) I’m rather excited about that. Then I’m going to catch up with my dearest friend from highschool and meet her little boy, way over in Vaucluse so that will be an epic journey on public transport.  If any other blogging friends in the City want to catch up, shoot me a line, now’s your chance:)

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