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7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol 192)

Tonight’s our last night here in the City.  Heading home tomorrow with mixed feelings.  A mother’s heart is always torn once her children ‘leave the nest’, staying with our College children has been a blessed opportunity, yet at the same time I’ve missed our other seven constantly, and their daddy.  All day I’ve had butterflies in anticipation of seeing my Prince Charming, love that man!  Only one more sleep till I see them all!
One benefit of having a blog is when you are away you can click over to your blog and melt over the pictures of your children, downside is you start smiling and then your heart becomes so heavy you could cry.  Anyhow I’ve been clicking over to my blog banner to smile at my darlin’s

We did manage to attend a couple of lectures at the College this week and Bella behaved herself beautifully.  Well I had to take her out a couple of times to quieten but then snuck back in once she’s settled.  She was rather a hit and her big sister and brother were receiving requests from students eager for a cuddle. Oh yes and we attended Mass several more times and no more dramas, thankfully.

From the moment of conception, we’ve passionately loved our children; as babies, as children and teens we have been privileged to be their parents.  To be the parents of adult ‘children’ brings forth a whole new dimension, it is so humbling, incredibly sweet and heart swelling.  This past fortnight I (and Bella) have been privileged to be part of their world, the lives they’ve forged since ‘leaving the nest’ and I leave them feeling so proud of them.  They have, and are, facing life’s challenges with dignity, courage, strength and tenacity.

Had a few giggles over items in Anna Maria’s pantry, obviously it takes a long time to adjust from shopping for a large family to shopping for 2 people.  Several items are the large portion size, ie 500g of pasta instead of 250g. Takes me back to my own early days of downsizing from my own large family childhood (8 of us) to when I was flatting with my brother and later married.  Took a long time to adjust to cooking for 2.

Angela wrote this week,
“This month Sarah wants us to post our favorite blog posts from someone else’s archives…….… because Erin’s 7 Quick Takes posts are my favorite posts at Seven Little Australians and Counting.  But I also really liked her Leaping into Literature posts from last year.”
Reading her kind words, I was totally happy shocked and then humbled. Thank you Angela!! Blogging is a tricky craft sometimes, you never really know (unless told) what posts speak to people.

We’ve been chatting up a storm about all things Wedding.  My brother and his fiancee are getting married in 4 months and are are in the midst of planning.  My sister-in-law to be’s vision is Elegant and that’s what this Wedding will be:)

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  • Angel

    Well, really I just like reading your whole blog, so it was hard to pick which parts I like best! Glad to hear you are still having a good time with your older kids 🙂

  • Theresa @ OrdinaryLovely

    Erin, I have loved reading the updates on your visit with your college kids. What a special time for you to be together with them and the baby – your oldest and youngest at the same time! Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful thoughts on your husband, children, and family life!

  • Jennifer Gregory Miller

    I've been having problems on my end commenting…I'm so behind! I'm loved reading your recounting of the time with your older children.

    It has taken me years to adjust to the smaller sized family, and now my boys are growing and increasing appetites and I'm going to have to relearn all over again. Apparently 1 pound of ground beef isn't enough any more!

  • Multi-tasking Mama

    For some reason I have not been getting emails from you and a few others I follow but guess what … you are the one I noticed first was missing … I have obviously missed you … lol

    Life sounds like it has been quite adventurous lately and Bella is soooo bewwwwwtiful! Take care

  • Mel @ Coal Valley View

    Lovely Erin, especially no. 1 and no. 2 – so nice for you to spend some special time with your collage peeps and my husband often tells me he sneaks a peek at my blog to look at the photos of our family during the day 🙂 Have a lovely weekend! Mel xxx

  • Erin

    You are so kind{{}}

    It was a very special time. Missing them so much more now I'm home. Thank you for appreciating my thoughts{{}}

    Touched your enjoyed reading, and now I'm home glad I recorded memories

    Sadly the time of them all home has passed:(

    I do relate to your daughter and mine. Took me a long time to adjust to small size cooking

    Aww so touched you missed me{{}} and biased as I am I agree Bella is beautiful:):)

    It was a very special time with them, aww so your husband peeks through the day too:) My husband's work blocked their computers from looking at many sites. He asked them to unblock part of his setting so he could look at my blog through the day!! which they did!

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