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7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol 195)

Today when I set out for town it was cold enough to pull on my suede, mid calf length, winter boots.  I automatically tucked my pants into the boots and then realised it was such an 80s look.  Is it still ‘in’ to tuck pants (not jeans) into boots? Somehow it didn’t look ‘right’.

Though ‘late to the game’ of ‘discovering’ text messages, I’m now a fan.  It really is an easy way of communicating. Quick, simple, short bursts of communication.  I’m enjoying it so much I’ve even changed my phone plan to unlimited text.

I heard this week that Masters (Home Improvement) plan on building a warehouse in every town that has a Bunnings!  In a nearby city they are currently building a Masters next door to Bunnings!  This seems rather unethical to me, certainly not good sportsmanship.

I really, really prefer to be able to read blogs in my blog reader (feedly), truth is if I can’t read a blog in my blog reader I won’t read it.  This week I discovered some lovely large family (larger than ours) homeschooling blogs.  I excitedly added them to my blog reader, only to delete several of them a week later because I couldn’t read them in full on my reader.  I respectfully request that you consider changing your settings to allow complete posts in blog readers and then I can add you reading list.

Books in our home library are continuing to multiply, the piles of books are growing tentacles, I need to wrestle the situation under control but I’m actually finding the task too daunting to begin.  My biggest ‘stumbling blocks’ are the picture books, they need culling but …. I really wish I had book bins to sort them into, then I’d sort with ease.  I’m also fantasising about knocking out the wall between the library and learning room, opening the space up for a better flow through.  PC isn’t so keen at this stage (his mind is focused on tiling bathrooms) but I’m certain the children will love pulling down walls.  Only one of the walls is load bearing, mmm problem that.

When we were engaged we received many, many gifts for which we were very grateful.  Some we loved, some not so much, and some weI really disliked, however we were grateful and used them all regardless.  One gift I disliked were the crystal wineglasses, I’d would of much preferred plain wineglasses, however I dutifully used the crystals and rejoiced whenever one was smashed/chipped, waiting and waiting for the demise of the final glass so I could justify buying a new wineglasses.  21 years later I’m still waiting for that last glass to smash.  This week PC waited no longer and purchased a new set of wine glasses:):):)  and I can now ditch the remaining crystal.  I love my new plain wine glasses:):)

I’ve been taking pictures whilst on my walks around our property, but I’d love to participate in a ‘nature walk’ linky party.  Do you know of any blogs who host a link up of nature pictures?

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  • princesswithbrains

    Great post Mum I have noticed you doing texts messages, stirring the porridge while texting texting at the computer, texting in the car instead of talking to your wonderful children (me).

    Yes I would LOVE to pull down a wall:D

    I still don't see what you have against crystal wine glasses.


  • Dominic Hassett

    I would be delighted to help with that wall when I'm home! 😀

    Princess, you need to clarify that mum is texting her wonderful (The more wonderful ones) Children, which I think is a very worthy distraction from talking with her wonderful (the lesser)Children. (P.S I bought a matching Jumper to one of yours)

  • Renee Wilson

    I've just laughed out loud at your children's comments 🙂 I'm always secretly texting while the kids aren't looking too!! That's great you've found some other large family blogs. I didn't think they could get much larger than yours though 😉

  • Erin

    You two make me laugh!! Dad says the wall is load bearing:( but… I could cut a big hole in the wall for now, ugly but bring the rooms closer. I'm open to being talked into it.
    Well Princess it's a catch 22 situation, you feel ignored cause I'm texting, your brother feels loved cause I'm texting him.
    As for the crystal glasses they gather dust and just don't please my eyes. You may smash them if you'd like:)

    They are indeed funny children. They make us laugh all the time, happy children. Yes families with 15!

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