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7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol 19)

1We are on Term end holidays here at present and the children are enjoying a couple of different activities. Yesterday saw them attending ‘Knights Club’. Remember our Medieval Day? Knights Club was run by the same gentleman and saw the children spending the morning jousting and battling. They have come home begging to join the fencing club.

Whilst the older children were at Knight Club, the younger children and I went op-shopping. I like to treat myself to this outing in the holidays if I can. We had a lovely morning finding books, and clothes and even some ‘dress ups.’ Amazingly, the day before I had assigned Pygmalion and A Man for All Seasons to Koala for Literature; we intended on using the library copies. Guess what I found at the op shop? Both books!

Today saw the children back in town at a cartoon workshop hosted by our library. They thoroughly enjoyed themselves, but I am exhausted. Out the door before 8 and 9 am respectively; I truly don’t know how working mothers do it EVERY morning!

Koala and I spent the morning at Lincraft selecting a pattern and material for her to make a dress. She tends to favour long flowing dresses. Her material choice is gorgeous, just perfect for spring. Bonus was Lincraft had a half price sale on fabric.

Whilst in town we dropped in to visit ‘The Editrix’. Koala borrowed a stack of those lovely DVDs on ‘The Editrix’s sidebar there. She has been watching Persuasion today; I’m looking forward to watching some other period dramas with her.

I’ve been spending the last couple of days writing detailed geography plans. Last term I had good intentions but.. because I didn’t detail we did nothing:( I’m certain that we will get more done with the plans in place. I’m happy to share if anyone is interested??

I’m hitting a great rhythm these holidays; some creativity, lots of de-cluttering and re-organizing, craft, art and reading with the children, visiting with friends, I even lazed in bed to 10am this morning with a book!! Best news is I still have another week! and more plans;)

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