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7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol 2)

Our first week back at lessons concludes. For the first time ever in all of our years of homeschooling I am completely happy with what I had planned. Generally speaking at this time I would be re-writing our routine, re-adjusting plans, seeking where I can pare down. Instead I am very happy with the routine we found last term and am looking at the happy situation of perhaps being able to expect even more from the children.

It is time to confess that I have been very undisciplined in my resolutions to exercise and NOT snack. I keep wondering if I should be bold enough to join Jessica at Weigh in Wednesday and then I chicken out. My local friends Rebbecca and Margo are shaming err inspiring me to exercise but I lack discipline. On the other hand all the weight hanging around my waist is not helping my self image either. Maybe admitting all this will embarrass me enough.

I really, really love Barbara Curtis’ Mommy Teach Me. It is so practical and doable. A pre-school program in one book in a sense. I just pick up, flick randomly to a page and generally have the objects on hand and can set up an activity or two in a couple of minutes. I am aiming to spend at least half an hour per day with my younger two on with these ideas.

Koala and I are going to a Mother/Daughter afternoon tea with a few friends tomorrow. We are looking forward to it, the plan is to discuss etiquette and enjoy this special time together.

We need to really re-think our DVD policy. Today the younger children watched a couple of DVDs as their end of week treat and their behaviour was so awful later. I’m sure the passiveness somehow effects their brain patterns or something. I’m thinking maybe at night may work better. (Non at all would be better again)

We are studying Australian history this term, I love Australian history. We are also studying Australian poetry, there is just something about Australian poetry that makes me intensely proud to be an Australian.

I have the cutest children. Einstein told me today that he checks out my blog just to make sure I don’t write anything too embarrassing about him. I wonder if this will?

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  • Debbie

    Interesting about your children’s reactions to watching the DVD. When my girls were little I noticed that if they were allowed to watch even a little TV after coming home from school their behavior afterwards was awful. So we stopped the TV and they stopped beating on each other. I think it was the fact that they just needed to go and do something physical after sitting in school all day.

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