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7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol 203)

We heard some very exciting news this week, Spotlight is to open in our town in a couple of months.  I’m very excited, but the children were not so thrilled when I told them the news;) Years ago when I sewed more, I always used to pop into the store whenever we visited our neighbouring City.  It got to the point that when the car turned towards the carpark a howl would emit from the backseat, “No!! Not Spotlight!! No!!!”

Actually we still have howls of “No!” emitting from the back, but these days it is when we turn into the Bunnings carpark.  PC seems to disappear into the bowels of Bunnings for hours! I confess I add to those “No’s!”  Last week PC took Bass (3) to Bunnings with him, apparently he had to drag Bass into the store as he was wailing, “Not Bunnin’s, I don’t want to go to Bunnin’s”

Well it has been a month since I began working towards losing weight.  My goal was to lose 10kg (22lbs), to that end I eliminated sugar, grains and white potatoes from my diet, though admittedly I’ve occasionally eaten potatoes and a small amount of grains. This approach is very effective, in four weeks I’ve lost 4.7kg (10.36lbs)! Time now to also add exercise to the regime, in particular focusing on tummy tightening. Any great ‘must do’ exercises to recommend for tightening the tum?

What is the most effective method to remove clothing dyes that have bleed onto whites? I have a white shirt that is now sporting some pink dots, what to do?

Cindy sadly announced this week that she is closing down her blog, not only no longer writing but taking her blog down within the week:( She has written some real gems over the past 8 years and I wanted to copy a few posts for their wisdom. The thought of copying and pasting into Word exhausted me but a little research revealed my solution, all I needed was to install an Evernote web clipper.  Evernote web clipper, ah how I love thee:)

For several weeks now I’ve been reading The Hobbit to Jelly Bean(10), Jack Jack (8) and Jem (5), we’re nearly finished. I originally read it to Anna Maria, Carpenter and Einstein years ago, then Carpenter read it to Michelangelo and Princess, hence why this is only my second ‘go around’ reading The Hobbit to our children.  It’s been a long time, and as before it takes me a while to ‘get into it’, the chapters are so long, but then I fall under Tolkien’s spell.  Sorry Sarah but I have to disagree with you here;)

Countdown now, only three more games until the soccer season is finished!:) Though I have to admit being rather spoilt the last couple of months, with more drivers in the house I’ve been able to stay home for a few trainings and games.

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  • Mega Maher

    Haha! When I heard about a spotlight opening up in grafton I was bouncing around waving my arms around like carzy because I was so happy XD They have a lot of things that I like to buy for my art stuff I do but we hardly ever go to the neighbouring city.
    I think with every family comes that one place they dislike above all others, for us we got really sick of garage sales. However I now find them to be very nice to browse through.
    Good job with your weight loss! You're going splendidly! 🙂 I have tried multiple times to lose weight, every time I try my timetable flies really far off track, be it because of not being able to sleep or my own personal matters or the weather being really bad or SOMETHING.(It annoys me to no end) I started again just the other week and so far I'm doing pretty good thankfully 😛
    Ah the pains of stains on white shirts, wish I could help you there…
    Oh really? 🙁 It's always sad when someone stops blogging when they usually post stuff everyone enjoys.
    Have the kids been enjoying the Hobbit? I know Tolkien's works can be very tiring to read when first starting and they take a little while to get into, The Hobbit was amazing though. 🙂
    Good luck to everyone on their final matches of soccer! I hope they do well. 😀
    I hope you have an amazing weekend 🙂

  • Cassie Williams

    Hydrogen peroxide takes out blood stains. As long as it's the bottle in the first-aid department at the store (and not a bottle from a beauty supply shop which would bleach your clothes) the clothes will be fine. I've used it on the couch and carpet (I have a nose bleeder in the house). If it's fresh it will come out instantly. Older stains may need a little rubbing and then wash it.

    Great job on the weight loss! I didn't lose any weight when I took almost all wheat out of my diet. Sugar may be the key here! I need to cut back.

  • Provincial Homemaker

    Our nearest Spotlight is 1.5 hours away – I have heard spotlight is looking to acquire land on our side of Canberra so here is hoping!

    Congratulations on the weight loss.

    In terms of colour bleeds, the supermarkets carry a product called 'Dye-rid' which sometimes works. It didn't, for instance, work on the vintage Holly Hobby Sheet I got from the Op Shop and left the red price tag on!

  • Ingi Mc

    Spotlight – NOOO! Bahaha! I was the same with scrapbooking for a while.

    Nice job on the weight loss! Do you know I have a weight loss (or gain) blog? Go check it out http://ingi-onefootinfrontoftheother.blogspot.com.au/ You'll see more of me than you ever wanted! LOL. I swear a bit more there but….

    The Hobbit – just can't. I've tried multiple times and meh. The 5 hour movie versions of hairy feet trampling all around the world don't do it for me either. Hubby and the kids love it though. I'll give it one more shot…

  • Theresa @ OrdinaryLovely

    Hi Erin! Just commenting over here so we don't miss each other! I didn't get an email from you, but I'm still eager to see the spelling lesson! My email is theresa.blackstone(at)gmail(dot)com. If you try and that doesn't work again for some reason, I can give you another one to try. Looking forward to it!
    1) spotlight sounds like a sewing/crafts store?? My kind of place!
    3) Congrats on your weight loss! That's always an accomplishment to be proud of! I still have a good bit to go from my last TWO babies, and the tricky part for me is finding exercise time …
    6) I can't wait to start reading JRRT with the kids, but we aren't quite through Narnia yet 🙂
    Hope you have a good week!

  • Erin

    I'm imagining you living at Spotlight!:) Praying you get a job there. We used to be huge garage sale fans, but I'm over clutter. Encouraging you re weight loss, food really makes the difference, not amount but what you eat.

    Yes sugar is a big key and I think for me potatoes too which are starch

    Thanks, now to stay motivated and keep it off

    For some reason I thought you were in Darwin. Thanks for the tip, ended up trying to find it but found something else instead and it finally nearly worked. Only a small spot now

    No time for you with scrapbooking now! Checked out your blog:):) Inspiring. You make me laugh '5 hours of hairy feet"! Lol

    I tried the blog address on your blog which was this one, puzzled. Currently giving it a go to cut and splice for blog still.
    Yes you'd be hanging out in the wool section, me in the fabrics. Not the time for me more the discipline for exercise. We haven't done Narnia, should go back and do so:)

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