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7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol 205)

Home today from our annual Catholic home education camp. Another fantastic and successful year! Whilst we (the children and I) were off enjoying ourselves PC stayed behind and was a bachelor for the week.  He has stated several times the house was very quiet, also he was surprised that when he left a room neat in the morning he returned to find it in the same state in the evening, apparently homes stay clean when people aren’t there through the day.

Taking ten people to camp meant it was easier to transport our luggage via the trailer.  I’m a fairly confident driver and normally towing a trailer doesn’t bother me, I’ve even been known a time or two to back up with the trailer on.  Yet a hi-ace van towing a big trailer equates to extra long, and when we have experienced so many recent deaths out on the Highway I admit I felt very vulnerable. I really didn’t ‘breath easy’ till I passed the danger spots.

One of the highlights of camp was having daily workshops on Gregorian chant run by the Australian Sacred Music Association. Being exposed to Gregorian chant gave me a sense of a much ‘bigger picture’ within the Church, of Adoration, liturgy, history etc, listening to the chants I realised I’m part of something much bigger, we were worshiping Him. I’d love to have the opportunity to listen to a monastery of monks chanting.

Whilst at camp Bella had an opportunity to have her first bath (as we don’t have a bathtub we have always showered her) she HATED it!! She screamed, stood rigid, wouldn’t sit, screamed some more, became even stiffer.  By the third night we went back to showering, obviously she wasn’t going to co-operate.

Anna Maria (our newly 21 year old) and Einstein (17) were our camp cooks for the week.  They undertook to cook for 30 people with confidence and handled the job with aplomb.  Creating a menu including catering for dietary requirements, shopping and budgeting prior to the camp, then preparing, cooking and serving at the camp as well as cleaning up after were all part of the many tasks they undertook.  I’m so very much in awe of them and very proud.

Whilst working in the camp kitchen Anna Maria made a list of features she’d like me to include in my new kitchen, ideas such as; stainless steel or marble benchtops, an island bench, very deep sinks and a spar nozzle. Einstein’s contribution to the list is a scullery maid.  Hoping to implement Anna Maria’s ideas, as for Einstein’s wish, we already have a few resident scullery ‘maids’;)

My brother’s wedding is next weekend, so lots of finishing touches this week to do. Still need suits for Michelangelo and PC, shoes for several, wraps/cardigans for the ladies and hair styles to play with. Michelangelo gets his braces on this Monday too.  So a little to do but not too stressful this upcoming week.

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  • Chari

    Your Seven Quick Takes are my favorite 🙂

    I read them almost every time……in my email. I always think about a comment for you….but since I am on my phone….I usually do not click over.

    In fact, yours I almost the only blog I take the time to read these busy days.

    I am so glad that your campout was wonderful We have some awesome memories of our catholic Homeschool Campout. I have since retired from running it and attending it…..but it does still go on.

    Such a great experience for the older kids to take charge of that cooking…..and hopefully you got a nice break?

    I love Gregorian Chant. I even listen to it on Pandora sometimes. What a wonderful treat for you!

    That is so very funny about your baby and the bath. Cracks me up.

    Now that I have no one at home…..much of the time……I can definitely tell you: the house DOES stay clean! It is so strange…..but a nice perk after your children move on. And so, so quiet. For sure.

    God bless you, Erin!!!

  • Erin

    Pics are up of camp:)

    Wow that means alot. I'd actually made the decision to stop 7 quick takes though I know a few loyal readers enjoy them. PC had a surprise the next morning when he discovered I had posted, I'd decided to only post when I felt I had interesting points to share:)
    Was the most relaxed camp I've had! and was so proud of our children cooking!! Have fallen in love with Gregorian chant! She hated it with a passion, ramrod stiff! Yes one day we'll be at the next stage in our life, 18 yrs away true but here before we know it.
    So lovely to hear from you:):)

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